Muse and Confidante: The King of the Federals

Four letters of Alexander Hamilton to Angelica Church
November 1791; December 27, 1793; Wednesday Jany 22; and n.d.
In all four letters, Hamilton apprises Angelica of political situations, internal and external.
November 1791

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December 27, 1793

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Wednesday January 22

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Letters to Alexander Hamilton, King Of The Feds.
New York, Printed by Richard Reynolds, no.27 Dey-street
By James Thomson Callender

Underlining the debate between Jefferson and Hamilton, this work thought to be allegedly authored by one of Jefferson's staunchest critics was probably instead a pseudonym of one who was a critic of Hamilton.

The Politicks And Views Of A Certain Party, Displayed.
Printed in the year 1792.
By William Smith, 1758-1812.

This work which is an attack on Jefferson for his opposition to Hamilton's views has been attributed to Hamilton.

The British Treaty. With An Appendix Of State Papers; Which Are Now First Published.
America, Printed, unknown where, or by whom sold; London: Re-printed for John Joseph Stockdale, 1808.

The Appendix contains Jay's treaty, 1794, for which Hamilton had persuaded President Washington to send John Jay to London to negotiate the treaty.

October 23, 1794

Letter of Hamilton to Angelica Church
Bradford, Pa. October 23, 1794

Hamilton kept Angelica Church informed about his political activities. He writes that "those who propose measures should partake in whatever Danger they may involve."

Transcription and annotation by Dorothy Twohig, Editor of the Papers of George Washington.

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