Muse and Confidante: Children of the Revolutio

May 24, 1797

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Letter of Jefferson to Angelica Church
Philadelphia, Pa., 1797 May 24

He welcomes her home to her native country and comments that the agitations of Europe have reached even the United States. Inquires of Madam de Corny, [Maria] Cosway, and Catharine [Church].

Transcription and annotation by Mary Hackett, Assistant Editor of the Papers of James Madison.

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, 1757-1854

The sister of Angelica Schuyler Church and wife of Alexander Hamilton. She was the mother of eight children.

November 8, 1789

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Letter of Hamilton to Angelica Church
New York, November 8, 1789

In a detailed and extensive letter to Angelica Church, Hamilton covers many subjects including politics and family. Also included is a note from Angelica's sister, Elizabeth Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton's wife.

Transcription and annotation by Dorothy Twohig, Editor of the Papers of George Washington.

October 20, 1790

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Two letters of Philip Schuyler to his daughter Angelica
October 20, 1790 and April 17, 1795.

Philip receives word that the Churches were in France for "the 14th of July last" and searches for a term to call what will become Bastille Day. He also writes that he has attended his duty in the Senate from the beginning of January to early April, and comments on his political opponents and mentions his concern for Marquis de Lafayette and his suffering.

April 17, 1795

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Letter of John Church to his Daughter Catherine
July 24, 1817, London, England

He relates that the disturbances have been exaggerated by the administration for the purpose of the reform of Parliament and that the French government appears to gather strength.

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