Christmas Cards

Joseph Blumenthal wrote his recollection of Frost's first Christmas card in the The Spiral Press Four Decades.

While the book [Collected Poems, 1930] was in work, it occured to me that his poem "Christmas Trees" would make a most appropriate holiday greeting booklet for my wife and myself. Frost's publishers gave permission. Through foolish and unpardonable diffidence, I failed to ask Mr. Frost, whom I had not yet met, if he wished copies for himself. Later he chided me for this and charged me with the responsibility of getting back a half dozen booklets for himself and his family....
It was the beginning of the tradition of the Frost Christmas cards which was to continue until 1962.

  • 1929 (Christmas Trees)

  • 1937 (To a Young Wretch)

  • 1939

  • 1940 (Our Hold on the Planet)

  • 1946 (A Young Birch)

  • 1947 (One Step Backward Taken)

  • 1955 (Some Science Fiction)

  • 1956

  • 1962 (The Constant Symbol)

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