Exhibition curator

Martha Hill

Project manager

Mercy Quintos, U.Va. Library

Curatorial assistance and exhibition support

Special Collections staff and students: Anne Causey, Eva Chandler, Gayle Cooper, Sharon Defibaugh, Edward Gaynor, Margaret Hrabe, Greg Johnson, Ervin Jordan, Heather Moore Riser, Kathryn Morgan, Michael Plunkett, George Riser, Regina Rush, Ann Southwell, Claudia Sueyras, Colette Dabney Turner, Daisy Wright

U.Va. Library staff: Brian Bader, Music Library; R. Cary Coleman, Cataloging; Ellie Goodman, Harrison Institute; Jared Loewenstein, Humanities and Social Sciences Services; Hoke Perkins, Harrison Institute

Exhibition imaging and website production support

Rare Materials Digital Services staff and students Frederick Morton, Bradley Daigle, Jocelyn Olson, Jeanne Pardee, Jennifer Shaver

Website design

Garry Barrow, Communications

Project support

U.Va. Library staff: Sara Lee Barnes, Library Administration; Terry Bevington, Library Facilities; Tracy Breyfogle, Communications; Doug Chestnut, Communications; Judy Christian, Business Services; Milly Crickenberger, Business Services; Warner Granade; Humanities and Social Sciences Services; Jennifer Harmon, Library Administration; Doug Hurd, Library Facilities; Lorraine Jordan, Humanities and Social Sciences Services; Charlotte Morford, Communications; Melissa Pace, Communications; Tanya Stanciu, Communications; Karin Wittenborg, University Librarian

U.Va. staff: U.Va. Art Museum: Mary Jo Ayers, Jean Collier, Andrea Douglas; Rich Hopkins and the Landscape and Moving crew at Facilities Management; Lori Ponton and her colleagues in Procurement Services

Thanks also to: Suzanne Foley, Jeanne Hammer, William Irwin, Sylvia Scott

The University of Virginia Library would like to thank the advisors and lenders to the exhibition for their support of this project.

Advisors to the exhibition

University of Virginia:

  • Edward Ayers, Department of History, and Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Stephen B. Cushman, Department of English, and Director of the International Center for American Studies
  • Scot A. French, Department of History, and Associate Director of the Carter Woodson Institute
  • Jeffrey Hantman, Department of Anthropology
  • Karen Kevorkian, Creative Writing Program
  • Christian McMillen, Department of History
  • Ricardo Padron, Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
  • Stephen F. Railton, Department of English
  • Vanessa Ochs, Department of Religious Studies
  • Dell Upton, Department of Anthropology and School of Architecture
  • Richard Guy Wilson, Department of Architectural History

Other Advisors:

  • William Beiswanger, Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.
  • Cary Carson, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • James P. Horn, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • Andrew O’Shaunessy, International Center for Jefferson Studies, Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.
  • Susan Perdue, International Center for Jefferson Studies, Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.
  • Lucia Stanton, Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.

Lenders to the exhibition

  • Monticello, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.
  • University of Virginia Art Museum
  • Demaris Yearick

Design and Production

Exhibition design: Riggs Ward Design

Production and fabrication: Creative Dimension Group, Glasbau Hahn America, Graphics Gallery, MBA Design & Display Corporation, Multiform Studios

Design and production of exhibition brochure and signage:
Josef Beery, Gropen, Diane Nelson, Schmitz Press