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We would like to thank Mary Prendergast, Assistant Music Librarian, University of Virginia Music Library, for curating this exhibition.

The curator would like to thank Dan Gaff (MA Musicology '01) for preparing the sound clips and the discography; Adam Soroka at the Robertson Media Center for converting the sound files; and Garry Barrow for his advice and design work. Thanks to Lewis Guenther at Clemons Library for research support; Bruce Penner for helping with loans of instruments; and Jane Edmister Penner, Music Librarian, for providing the curator with release time to research the exhibit. Thanks also to the wonderful staff in Special Collections, especially Lynda Clendenning for arranging access to the collections; Heather Moore and Mercy Quintos, who were a continual source of good ideas and encouragement; and Gayle Cooper, Bradley Daigle, Margaret Hrabe, Marie-Louise Kragh, George Riser, Rebecca Yokum, and Ann Southwell for all sorts of technical support. Special thanks to Dorothy Gloor, Larissa Mehmet, Devan Kirk, and Melissa Norris.

Thanks to our lenders: Ed Roseberry, Richard Anderson, John Alexander, Joe Ayers, Spencer Lathrop, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, and the University of Virginia Art Museum.

Graphic design by Josef Beery. Original photograph of Stavin' Chain by Alan Lomax, 1934. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Web site design for "Lift Every Voice" by Garry Barrow, Web Designer /Webmaster, Communications & Publications Department, University of Virginia Library.

Materials from the physical exhibit were digitized by staff in Special Collections Digital Services using the center's Epson Expression 1600 scanners, Kontron ProgRes model 3012 digital camera and PhotoPhase Plus digital camera. Three dimensional objects captured using a Kodak DC290 Zoom digital camera.

Images were enhanced for web display using Adobe Photoshop 5.5. The digital exhibit is optimized for viewing on a monitor that supports the display of 24-bit color.

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