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Freedman's Book

Child, Lydia Freedman's Book: An anthology of black and white writers, including Frederick Douglass, Phillis Wheatley, Lydia H. Sigourney John G. Whittier & Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Five poems by Frances E. W. Harper, including the often anthologized Bury Me in a Free Land (likely its first book appearance) suggest her contemporary reputation and pre-eminence as a writer and a poet. Harper is credited with the first short story The Two Offers written by an African American author, the first Reconstruction novel by an African-American, Iola Leroy, and for the beginning of African-American protest poetry with Poems on Miscellaneous Subjectswhich had twenty printings between its first appearance 1854 and 1874. Involved with the Underground Railroad, a tireless lecturer for the anti-slavery movement as well as the suffragette and temperance movements, Harper was a widely-respected figure whose remarkable life and accomplishments have slipped into semi-obscurity. Afro-Americana 2278. BAL 3199,19435, 31488.

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