Michie & Williams,
Thomas Johnson Michie Attorneys & Counsellors at Law,
Edmund Randolph Williams Offices 908 Equitable Building.

Baltimore, Md. October 31st, 1895

My dear Miss Mary-Stuart,

I might sit
down and at great length
tell you of the sorrow that
has felled my very soul at
the thought of the ruin at
the beloved old place and
then I might for a long time
tell of my heartfelt sympathies
with you dear people to whom
if possible, the destruction of the
sacred place means more than
to us who have dwelt there for
but a term of years--yet but half
would be told, so I will not begin
feeling assured that you know
well enough my feelings of
sympathy and sorrow.

So bright, however, is the prospect
for speedy relief and the rebuilding
of the old place that our sympathies
may be turned to congratulations.
Of course you have seen of
the good work in Richmond and
other cities. Here in Baltimore
Markham Marshall and I are
stirring things up and hope to
have a good report before long.

The "Sun" this morning in
an editorial which I enclose
comes handsomely to the front
with a subscription for five
hundred dollars. Prof. Gildersleeve
reports that Johns Hopkins will give
all the duplicates in their library
to the Univ. As well as the plans
which they have--and says further

that he thinks other colleges
throughout the country will
do as much.

Some day when you find
the time do sit down and
tell me about what is
being done on the grounds toward
restoring the lost place. With
my love to your Father and Mother
and an abundance for yourself
I am

Most sincerely

Randolph Williams