Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co. 0.1.
Traffic Department Special
E.D. Hotchkiss, In Your Reply, Refer To
General Freight Agent

Richmond, Va., February 20, 1896

Mr Wm M. Thornton,

Chairman, University of Virginia, Va.

Dear Sir:

Further in reply to your favor of the 8th to Mr
Wickham, which we acknowledged on the 18th, we are now prepared
to advise that we will make a concession to you, provided the same
is understood to be allowed to the University of Virginia and not
to shippers, of 50 per cent from the C. & O. revenue on any building
or construction material which may pass over our rails for the
University of Virginia; the same to remain in effect until the
additions are completed. To make the matter clearer, our meaning is that on any ship-
ments of building material which you may secure at local points
along the line of our road we will accept 50 per cent less than our
published tariff rates on the same; and on any material which you
may purchase at points beyond our rails we will give you the bene-
fit of the through rate to Charlottesville and also make a concess-
ion of 50 per cent from the revenue accruing to the C. & O. R'y
from junction point with its connections to Charlottesville. This concession is bringing the revenue to just about what
you suggest in your postscript. We trust the proposition will,
be agreeable to you; and if you will kindly advise, we will have
the arrangement protected through our agent at Charlottesville as
shipments arrive. We suggest, in order that the University may
have the benefit of the concession, which we take it is the object
you are trying to attain, that the material be bought F. O. B. cars
at point of shipment, by which means the concession will go as in-

Yours very truly,

E.D. Hotchkiss G. F. A.

Dictated by E. D. H.