W.D. McKenney
check sent Oct. 1896

University School
141 Meeting St.,
Charleston, S.C.
Oct. 7, 1896

Prof. Paul Barringer,
Chairman, University
of Virginia.

Dear Sir, In Novem-
ber last just after
the fire that so se-
riously damaged the
University of Virginia
our alumni resident

here in Charleston held
a meeting for the
purpose of raising
money to aid in the
restoration of the
buildings and refitting
the departments.
At that meeting, altho- [sic]
only a small num-
ber was present,
a very generous
spirit was shown
and we raised $375.
A committee was also

appointed to ask for
contributions from the alumni resident in

other portions of South
Carolina. I was
made chairman
of that committee
and put in charge
of the funds. The
money as collected
was put in a savings
bank at four-per
cent interest from
date of each deposit.

My bank book shows
that this fund with
interest amounts to
$508.31. About $120 $100 was
raised in the state out-
side of Charleston.
Please instruct me
what to do with this
money. Shall I send
you a check for it,
or let it lie in bank?
On Jan. 1st $5.08 addit-
ional interest will be
due. But if you deem

it best that it be kept
in bank I would prefer
to have your authority
for so doing. The bank
is sound and safe I
For form's sake I make
a list of those that
contributed to this fund.
Considering their means
the givers gave gen-
erously. For list see
other side. In acknowl-
edging this be kind
enough to tell me

something of the progress
of the work and the
amount of money avail-

Very truly
W.D. McKenney


Charleston, S.C.

D.E. Huger Smith ...		$20
Rev. John Johnson ...		15 20
W.D. McKenney ...		25
R.T. Smith ...			10
Julian L. Wells ...		20
Rev. W.T. Thompson,D.D. ...	25
W.C. Miller ...			10
Frank Frost ...			10
Prof. B. Boaz ...		25

Charleston, S.C.

John B. Rogers ...		$50
Earle Sloan ...			$50
Dr. Ed. F. Parker ...	         10
R. Goodwyn Rhett ...	         20
Dr. W. H. Johnson ...		 10
J.N. Nathans ...		 10
J.H. Marshall ...		 10
E.W. Hughes ...			 15
Prof. C.L. Reese ...		 10
T.S. Silcox ...			 15
H.W. Couner ...			 10
W.P. Hall ...			 25
W. Gibbes Whaley ...		 10
R.E. Wylie, Lancaster ...	  5
Dr. A.A. Moore, Camden    	  5
Dr. A.A. Moore, Jr.  		  5


Hon. Wm Elliott, Beaufort ...		$10
A.S. Douglass, Winnsboro ...		  10
J.N. Anderson, Williamston ...		  10
W.C. McGowan, Abbeville ...		  10
Wm. Manning, Spartanburg ,,,	  10
Mr. B.H. Heyward, Hardeeville ...	  10
R.I. Manning, Sumter ...		  15
Theron Earle, Greenville ...		    5
Edmund Rhett, Charleston ...		  10

Expenses of Committee --
printing, postage &c about
$10 or $12.