5 November, 95

My dear Doctor-

Your letter of the
29th was received at the
office while I was on the
ocean returning from Europe,
which will account for my
not answering it immediately.
I presume matters have taken
such shape in the meantime
that I can only say how
much we all regret the
calamity which has befallen
the University in the loss of
a building that was one
of the architectural monuments
of the country--and our hope
that its reconstruction has
fallen into reverent hands-

It would indeed be a
misfortune if some one tries
to be original and improve
on what has gone before--ex
cept perhaps as to interior
arrangement-- If no final
arrangements have been made
we can only say we should
consider it an honor to be
associated with the work
and apart from our actual
expense should not consider
the money side of the matter.
These expenses from our past
experience would amount
to about 3 per cent on the
Thanking you for thinking
of us

I am
Very truly yours
Wm. R. Mead