18th November 1895.

Dear Prof. Buckmaster:

I received a photograph of the ruins of
the Rotunda this morning which I presume came from you. The photo-
graph makes me regret more than anything else could the great loss
which has fallen not only upon the University but upon the country
at large. I can only trust that its restoration has fallen into
the hands of somebody who has had a thorough classic training. The
building was so much a National monument, of which we have so few,
that its restoration should be treated in the most reverent man-
ner. I am sorry to say architects are too prone to assert their
own originality, and in this case it would, I am sure, result dis-
astrously. I sincerely hope your University is taking the very best
advice in the matter, and I am sure that Prof. Ware, of Columbia
College, or any architect of high standing would be glad to render
you any service they could in the way of consultation.

Very truly yours,

Wm. R. Mead