Mr Brockenbrough


Donations of Books

The University of Virginia

has at different times, recieved [sic] from public-spirited
citizens as well her own as of other states, donations of
books, more or fewer in number, but all acceptable. all
contributing to the instruction of the youths confided
to her care, and whom she hopes to restore to their
country with increased science and virtue, & qualities
to succeed worthily to the future charge of it's govern-
ment, it's liberty, it's fame and prosperity.
Mr Hansford, of the county of King George had made
an early present of some good books to the University.
Mr Bernard Moore Carter, a native of Virginia, now
resident in London, has lately sent a valuable col-
lection of between and 3. and 400. volumes, well chosen,
and well bound; and more recently, Mr Coolidge,
a gentleman of Boston, has given nearly an hun-
dred volumes, of peculiar choice and value, and
notice of other intended donations have been recieved [sic]
from others who may be assured that their talent
shall not be hidden in the earth.

Th.Jefferson requests Mr Brockenbrough
to have the annexed paragraph inserted in
the Central gazette and the Enquirer.

Apr. 28. 25.