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Oral Histories: U.Va. in the 20th Century

Name Listing

', Larry '

(Godwin), Dorothy

(unnamed), Captain of U.Va. Baseball Team


, (Chicago)

, (Creek)

, (grandfather)

, (Juilliard String Quartet)

, (Karzofsky)

, (Nikolaidi)

, (Pierce Sisters)

, (Straphanger Millionaire)

, (Tokyo String Quartet)

, "Rain"

, "Tax People"

, 'Rain'

, A.


, Al

, Allied Chemical Co.

, American Inst of Chem En

, American Society of Mechanical Enginners

, Amos n Andy

, Anastasia

, Appeals Board of Nation Production Authority

, Bertha

, Beta

, Bibbs Family

, Bob Schremp

, Bolsheviks

, Bonnie and Clyde

, Burchops Family

, Bureau of Pop/Econ Resea

, Byron

, Charles (Chick)

, Code Commission Committee

, Code Commission Committee Procedural Committee

, Colgate Darden

, Colwell Family

, Commander Kelley

, Commander Ryan

, Daughters of Amer Revolu

, Daughters of Colonial Wa

, Delete

, Dept of Agriculture

, Dept of Environmental Sc

, Director of Engineering

, Director of Extension

, Dixiecrats

, DuPont Company

, DuPont Gift

, Edgar Shannon

, Eleanor

, English Speakers Union

, English Speaking Union

, Equal Suffrage Federatio

, Foreign Economic Admin.

, Gene Scott

, General Assembly

, General Education Board

, German Forestry School

, Gray Commission

, Gulf Institute

, Henry

, Herman Smith Band

, Higginson Family

, Hopkinson Family

, Hyder Rollins

, IMP Society

, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

, Jack

, Kappa Delta Sorority

, Kappers Company

, Karl

, Land Lease/War Production Board

, Massie Family

, McGraw Hill

, McIlhenny Family

, McMurtry Family

, Mellon Institute

, Mrs Coward

, Mrs. Anderson

, Mrs. Leeds

, Office of State Forester

, Oscar

, Patty Boyle

, Paul Goodloe

, Phelp Stokes Fund

, Phi Delta Phi

, Prince Phillip

, Princess Margaret

, Queen

, Queen Elizabeth

, Queen Elizabeth II

, Readmissions Committee

, Richard Schutz

, Sam Whyte

, Scott Buchanan

, Seven Society

, The Democratic Party

, the Duponts

, The Japanese

, Thomas

, Tim

, Tony

, U S Forestry Service

, Va. Alcoholic BeverageBd

, Virginia Legislature

, Virginia Players

, Virginia Press Assoc.

, Virginia Procedural Code

, Virginia Supreme Court

, Weyerhauser Timber Co.

, Zimmer Commission

Abbot, Bill

Abbot, Francois

Abbot, Jr., Charles


Abbott, Charles

Abbott, Charlie

Abbott, Frank

Abbott, Monsieur

ABC Board,

Abernaethy, Herbert

Abernathy, Herbert


Abernethy, Thomas Perkins

Abraham, Henry

Acker, Henry

Ackerman, Val


Adair, Cornelia

Adalof, Rudy

Adams, Dr. Moon

Adams, Jim

Adams, John Quincy

Adams, Kevin

Adams, Roscoe

Adler, Elmer

Adler, Mortimer

Administration, Bureau of Public

Administration, Rockefeller


Alajuwan, Akeem


Alderman, (Dr. Alderman)

Alderman, Bessie Hearn

Alderman, Dr. Edwin

Alderman, Edwin Anderson

Alderman, Mr.

Alderman, President

Alderman, Tony

Aldrich, Bob

Aldrich, Knight

Alexander, Bevin

Alexander, Caleb

Alexander, Charles

Alford, Neil

Ali, Muhammad

Alison, Fred

Allen, George

Allen, Hank

Allen, Mildred

Allison, Bob

Allison, Fred

Allman, Gillis

Almon, Ziggy

Almond, Lindsay

Almonds, Lindsay


Altman, Neal

Ameche, Alan

Amherst County, Clerk of Court of

Ammon, Bill

Analysis, Office of Institutional

Anderson, Benny

Anderson, Dick

Anderson, Dr. Hardy

Anderson, Henry

Anderson, John

Anderson, John Randolph

Anderson, Judith

Anderson, Louise Grey

Anderson, Paul

Anderson, Sherwood

Anderson, Ward

Andrews, Charles McLain

Andrews, Hunter

Angel, Normal

Angell, Mrs.

Arena, Bruce


Armistead, Hank

Arnold, Clarence E.

Arnold, Jim

Arnold, Jr, Clarence E.

Arnold, Matthew

Arvey, Jake

Asbury, Kenneth

Ashburner, Charles

Ashe, Arthur

Assessing Officers, National Association of

Assessing Officers, Virginia Association of

Association of Counties, Virginia

Astaire, Fred

Astor, Lady

Athletic League, Virginia Literary and


Austin, Jack



Bague, A S

Bailes, Jean

Bailey, Ann

Bailey, Herb


Bain, Chester

Bainbridge, Fred

Baker, Betty

Baker, Charles

Baker, Ella

Baker, Huston

Baker, Lou

Baker, Roy

Baliles, Gerald

Baliles, Jerry

Ball, Randy


Balls, Dr.

Baltas, Mr.

Balz, Albert

Balz, Albert "God-Awful"

Balz, George Albert Adam

Banana, Eli

Banneker, Benjamin

Bar, Stringfellow (Winkie)

Barbour, Alonza

Barbour, Alonzo

Barbour, Charles

Barbour, James

Barbour, Phillip

Barclay, Julius

Barco, Jim

Barden, James Cook

Barden, Jim


Bardin, James

Barham, Charley


Barlow, Macimilian

Barne, Ann


Barnes, Richie


Barr, Jim

Barr, Stringfellow

Barret, Corny

Barret, Kate Waller

Barret, Robert

Barrett, Clifton Waller

Barrett, Dr.

Barrett, Walter

Barrick, Betty


Barringer, Anna

Barringer, Dr

Barringer, Dr.

Barringer, George

Barringer, Paul B. (Paul Brandon)

Barringer, Tom C

Barringer, Victor

Bash, James H.

Bash, Jean

Bash, Jim

Bass, James

Batcheller, Mr.

Batson, Alan

Battle, Governor John S.

Battle, Hawthorne

Battle, John

Bauer, Dr

Baum, Paul

Baumes, Harold

Baxter, Jr., Robert L

Baxter, Jr., Robert Leland

Baxter, Robert, Jr. L.

Bayard, Grigsby

Bayh, Evan

Bayly, Brigsby



Beam, Hattie

Beamer, Frank

Beams, Jesse W. (Jesse Wakefield)

Bean, Billy

Bean, Robert

Bear, Thomas Hudson


Beaton, Jeff

Beattie, Ann

Beatty, Warren


Beaurline, Lester


Beazley, Miss

Beazley, Roy C

Beckwith, Herb

Beckwith, Julian

Bedell, Sullivan

Beery, Ruth

Belew, Angela

Bell, Alex

Bell, Dr.

Bellitt, Ben

Bellomy, Grace

Bellum, Andy

Bemiss, Sam

Bengston, Philip

Bennett, Hugh

Benton, Arthur



Berglund, Abraham


Berka, Edmund

Berka, Francis

Berkeley Family,

Berkeley, Al

Berkeley, Ed

Berkeley, Francis L. (Francis Lewis)

Berkeley, Frank

Berkeley, Helen

Berkeley, Mary Randolph

Berkeley, Mrs.

Berkeley, Ned

Berkeley, Norbonne

Berkley, Don

Berkley, Frank

Berkley, Mary

Berry, Marion

Bestwick, Dick


Betts, Mary Hall

Bevin, Arthur


Bice, Raymond Curtis

Bice, Zula Mae Baber

Bickley, Maria Jo Waerd


Bird, (Dickie Bird)

Bird, Dr.

Bird, Robert

Bird, Robert Montgomery


Birdsall, John H.

Birdsong, Charlotte

Birdsong, McLemore

Bishko, Charles Julian.

Black, Barron

Black, Hugo

Blackburn, George

Blackburn, Joe


Blackford, Lydia

Blackford, Staige

Blackwell, John

Blaine, Don

Blair, Mr

Blake, Cato

Blake, Evingham

Blake, Mary Scott Parker

Blake, Robert

Blake, Vin

Blakely, Charlie

Blanchard, Butch


Bloomer, Howard

Bloomfield, Dr.

Blottner, Joe

Boals, Carol

Boals, Joe

Boas, George

Boatwright, Frederick William

Bobkin, Glebe

Bodenstein, Dietrich

Bolton, George

Bond, Albert

Bond, Donald

Bond, Julian

Bond, Kit

Boner, Lila

Bonner, Dan

Bonnycastle, Mr.

Booker, Betty Burwell

Booker, Dudley

Booker, Page


Booth, Morrie


Borden, Dr. James

Borne, Jim

Borne, Joe

Bosserman, Joseph

Bossimer, Joe

Bosworth, Eleanor

Botchkin, Glen

Botchkin, Nadine

Bowen, Deke

Bowers, Dr.

Bowers, Fredson

Bowers, Mr.

Bowly, Albert

Boxtal, Mr


Boyd, Dot

Boyd, Julian

Boyd, Munny

Boyd, T. Munford

Boyd, Thomas Munford

Boyle, Patty

Boyle, Roger

Boyle, Sarah Patton

Brady, Betty

Bramer, Earl

Brand, Eugene

Brandt, Richard Martin

Brandt, Tice

Branford, John

Brauer, Carl

Bray, Dr

Breazeale, Leon

Bregman, Peter

Breslick, Dr.


Brewer, Dudley

Brian, John Stuart

Brickel, Ed

Briden, Nancy

Briggs, Frank

Brigham, Clarence

Bristlow, A. B.

Bristol, Bill

Bristow, A. B.

Britain, Dr

Britman, Dr.

Britt, Charley


Britten, Sidney


Brockington, John

Bromwell, Wade

Brooke, Frank

Brooks, Ed

Brooks, Polly

Brown, Ann

Brown, Carter

Brown, Charles

Brown, Edward

Brown, Frank

Brown, Frederick Lyons

Brown, Houston LeRoss

Brown, Jack

Brown, Mrs. John Thompson

Brown, Murphy

Brown, Thomason

Brownfield, Thelma


Bruce, Alexander

Bruce, David

Bruce, Elizabeth

Bruce, William Cabell


Brumfield, Bill

Brumfield, Dr. Bill

Brumfield, Kitty

Brumfield, William A.

Bryan, Albert

Bryan, Ham

Bryan, Sr., Stewart

Bryan, Tennant

Bryan, William Jennings

Bryant, Eddie

Bryant, Eddy

Brydon, Anne (Nancy) Page

Brydon, George



Buchanan, Herman Earl

Buchanan, Scott

Buckler, Lesley

Buckrack, Art

Budget, U.S. Bureau of

Buffeau, Francous

Bull, Glen

Bumbraugh, Bill

Bunker, Ellsworth

Bunker, George

Bunn, Benjamin

Buntin, Catherine

Buntin, Lindel

Buntin, Mrs.

Buntman, Mrs

Burge, Heather

Burge, Heidi


Burgess, Harrison

Burgess, Wilma

Burnley, Betty

Burns, Sylvia

Burns, Ted

Burr, Rosalie

Burroughs, Bob

Burton, Bilby


Bush, Barbara

Bush, Monroe

Bush, Sr., George

Business and Finance, Vice-President for

Butler, Nicholas

Butler, Nicholas Murry

Butler, Nicolas Murray

Butler, Rex

Butterfield, Lyman

Buxton, Dimmock

Buxton, Dr.

Buxton, Pauline

Byrd, Dickie

Byrd, Elizabeth

Byrd, Governor

Byrd, Harry Flood

Byrd, Professor

Byrd, Robert

Cabas, Victor

Cabell, James Branch

Cabell, Joseph

Cabell, Mrs.

Caffey, Catherine

Caffey, Eugene

Caitlin, Avery

Caldwell, Erskine

Cale, Paul

Call, Frank

Calver, James L.

Calver, James Lewis

Camblos, Jim (Jack)

Campbell, Edmund S. (Edmund Schureman)

Campbell, Edwin

Campbell, Jim

Campbell, Kenneth

Campbell, Liz Mullholland

Campbell, O.K.

Canada, O. R.

Canervari, Robert

Canevari, Robert T.

Cannon, Mr.

Canterbury, Bob

Cantrell, Orby

Caplan, Mortimer

Caplin, Mort

Caplin, Mortimer

Capone, Colette

Cappon, Lester

Cardwell, Bickerton

Cardwell, Jerry

Carlbeck, Frank

Carnegie, Andrew


Carpenter, Chips

Carpenter, Scott

Carper, Mary Wilson

Carr, Gene

Carr, Sam

Carrier, C J

Carrol, Madeline

Carroll, Mrs.

Carroll, Theresa



Carruthers, (Si)

Carruthers, E I

Carruthers, Elmer Irving

Carruthers, Mr.

Carruthers, Tom

Carswell, Dean

Carter, Colonel

Carter, Gardner

Carter, Gordon

Carter, Jimmy

Carter, Mayor

Carter, Pete

Carter, President Jimmy

Carter, Robert

Carver, Majorie

Carver, Marjorie

Carwell, Dr

Cash, Jimmy

Cash, Mrs.

Casper, John

Casson, Mr.

Casteel, Ron

Casteen III, John T.

Casteen, John Thomas.

Castro, Fidel

Catlin, Avery

Catt, Carrie Chapman


Cauthen, Betty

Cauthen, Irby

Chaffin, Walter


Chalmers, Dwight

Chamberlain, Bernard Peyton

Chamberlain, Elsie

Chamberlain, Mary Peyton

Chancellor, Sam

Chandler, Bob

Chandler, Charley

Chandler, Don

Chandler, Dr.

Chandler, James Armstrong

Chandler, John Armstrong


Channington, Dr.



Charlie, Bonnie Prince

Charter Commission, Richmond

Chase, Frank

Chase, John

Chase, Richard

Chaucer, Geoffrey

Chavat, Jaroslav

Chavis, Benjamin

Cherry, Ralph W.

Chiefs, International Police

Child, Henry

Childress, Bob

Childress, Cliff

Childress, Jim

Chips, Halice

Chisholm Family,

Chisholm, Jim

Chrensaw, Dabney

Christ, Robert (Bob)

Christian, Billy

Christian, Dr.

Chronister, Jay L.

Church, Randolph

Churchill, Winston

Cinch, Ed

City of Norfolk, Commissioner of Revenue for the

Civilli, Pete

Clark, Adele

Clark, Betty

Clark, Edith

Clark, Elliot

Clark, George Rogers

Clark, John

Clark, Louise

Clark, Mr

Clark, Olive

Clarke, Mr

Claude, Inis

Clausen, Harriet

Claussen, Patty

Claytor, Graham

Claytor, Mrs.

Cleborne, Sterling

Clements, Whit


Clemons, Dr. Harry

Clemons, Emily

Clemons, Harry

Clemons, Henry

Clemons, Jeannie

Clemons, Mr.

Clemons, Mr. Harry

Clemons, Mrs.

Clemons, Mrs. Harry

Cleveland, Richard (Dick)

Cliff, Childress

Clinger, William

Clinton, Bill

Club, Music

Co-ed, Betty

Cochran, Joel

Cocke, Betty

Cocke, Hartwell

Cocker, Betty

Cohos, Camillia

Colbert, Mr.

Cole, Colonel

Cole, Elizabeth

Cole, James W., Jr.

Cole, Jim

Cole, Katherine.

Coleman, Almand

Coleman, Dr.

Coleman, Horace

Coleman, Janet

Coles, Bobby

Coles, Mildred Smith

Coles, Rob

Collins, Rod

Colvert, Mr.

Commision, Gray

Commission, Grey

Committee, Buildings and Grounds

Committee, Calendar

Commons, Henry

Community Drama, Bureau of School and

Company, North American Exploration

Conant, James Bryant

Conant, Kenneth John

Condon, Bill

Coney, Neal

Connolley, John

Connolly, (Close in Connolly)

Connor, Bull

Connor, James

Constantine, James

Contiveri, Bob

Cook, Darrell

Cook, Empty

Cook, John Warren

Cook, M T

Cooley, Mrs.

Cooper, James

Cooper, Julia

Cooper, Weldon

Copeland, Billy

Copeland, Jim

Copps, Imogene

Corbett, Julian

Corey, Virginia

Cornell, Mr. Leelan


Corporation, Rand

Corrals, Willard

Correa, Ems

Corrigan, Gene

Corrigan, Kevin

Corrigan, Lena

Cosby, Bulah

Coschun, Joe

Cotterell, R. S.

Couchard, Ron

Council, State

Council, Student

Counties, Association of

Counties, Virginia Association of

Couric, Emily

Couric, Johnny

Couric, Katherine

Couric, Katie

Courier, Nancy

Cowan, Lindsay

Cowen, Lindsey

Cowen, Walker

Cox, Betty

Cox, Charles

Coy, Peter

Crawford, Bob

Crawford, Charlie

Crawford, Ed

Crawford, Edwin

Crenshaw, Francis N.

Crenshaw, Gordon

Crenshaw, John

Crenshaw, Lewis

Crew, Henry

Crinshaw, Francis

Crispell, Ken

Crist, Bob

Crist, Robert L.

Crockett, Jean

Crockett, Marion

Crockett, Sam

Crockett, Samuel

Cromwell, Billy

Cronkite, Walter

Cross, Robert

Crowe, Nan

Crozet, Walton

Crutchfield, Dr

Culbertson, George

Cumming, Eddie

Cummings, Henry

Cummings, Ralph

Cunningham, Pamela

Curls, Corks &

Curran, Dr

Currier, Nincie

Curry, J. L. H.

Curry, Jabez Lamar Monroe


Curtis, Francis

Cushing, Dr

Custard, Mr.

Custis, Martha

Cyphert, Frederick

Cyphert, Fredrick

Cyphert, Ted


Dabney, Charles

Dabney, Dr

Dabney, Dr.

Dabney, Dr. Heath

Dabney, Heath

Dabney, Hovey

Dabney, Lillie

Dabney, Richard Heath

Dabney, Sue

Dabney, Virginius

Daily, Cavalier

Dale, Carroll

Dalton, Jack

Dalton, John

Daniel, Dr. Tom

Daniel, Frank D.

Daniel, Tom

Daniel, Van

Daniels, Josephus


Darber, Alec M


Darden, Colgate W. (Colgate Whitehead)

Darden, Connie

Darden, Constance Dupont

Darden, Dean

Darden, Mrs. Colgate

Darden, Predloe

Darden, President


Davenport, Charlie

Davenport, Ted

David, Paul

Davidson, Lotta

Davis, A K

Davis, A. K.

Davis, A.K.

Davis, Adelaide

Davis, Alonzo K

Davis, Ann Meredith

Davis, Arthur Kyle

Davis, Dr. John Staige

Davis, E. D.

Davis, Isabella Symmers

Davis, Jackson

Davis, Jefferson

Davis, John Stage

Davis, John Staige

Davis, John W

Davis, Jr., John Staige

Davis, Mia

Davis, Michael Corweth

Davis, Richard Beale

Davis, Sr, John Staige

Davis, Sr., John Staige

Davis, Stage

Davis, Tom

Davis, Westmoreland

Davis, Winnie

Davises, the

Davison, Alida Wilson

Davison, Charlie

Dawson, Cooper

Dawson, Larry

Dawson, Madi

Day, Doug

Day, Sydney

De Chazeau,

De Shazo, Melvin

Dean, George

Dean, Ruth


Deane, Bertha

DeChaso, Professor


Deihl, Harvey

Dein, E C


DelGreco, Mr.

Dell, Donald

Dell, Harry

Dell, Richard


Delta Tau Delta,

Dennis, Wayne

Denny, Collins

Denslow, Franny

Dent, Lonnie


Depew, Chauncey

Detamore Roberts, Bessie Moran


Devine, Daniel

Dewey, John

Dickey, Murray

Diggs, Harold

Diggs, MacDonald

Dillard, Colonel

Dillard, George

Dillard, Hardy Cross

Dillard, Harley

Dillard, Harvey

Dillard, Jan

Dinwiddie, Ed

Dinwiddie, Mary Louise

Dinwiddie, Miss Mary Louise


Dispatch, Times

Disque, Frederick

Disque, Mr.

Disque, Mrs.

Division, Extension


Dobey, Dean


Dobie, Armistead Mason

Dobie, Armsted

Dobie, Frank

Dobie, Professor

Dodd, Frank

Dodds, Harold

Doe, Jane

Doe, John

Doren, Bill

Dorsey, Jimmy

Dorsey, Laura

Dorsey, Tommy

Dorsey, Virginia

Dorsey, William Renaldo



Douglas, Annie

Douglas, Kate

Douglas, Paul

Douglas, Steven

Dove, Rita

Dozwald, Sally


Driesell, "Lefty"

Dudley, Bill

Dudley, William


Duke, Archie

Duke, Eskridge

Duke, Francis

Dulaney, Ben

Dulles, John Foster

Duncan, Cameron

Dungelson, Wilbur

Dunglison, Robley

Dunn, Bill

Dunn, Dr.

Dunn, Gilmer

Dunn, John

Dunn, Mary

Dunn, Thelma

Dunn, Thelma B. and LeRoy W.

Dunn, W. LeRoy

Dunn-Miller, Bessie

Dunn-Miller, Lilia

Dunnington Daniel, Mrs. Tom Sadie

Dunnington, Francis

Dunnington, Francis Perry

Dunnington, Sadie

Dupont, Henry

Dupont, Richard

Durden, Chancey


Duren, Bill

Duren, Dean

Duren, William L. Jr.

Durham, Mr.

Durkham, Dr.

Durran, William

Durren, BIll

Durrer, Vince

Dutton, E. P.

Dyer, Anne Humphrey

Dyer, Gus

Dyer, Humphrey (Itzy)

Dyer, Nan Humphries

Dykstra, C. A.

Eagan, William

Eagan, William (Bill)

Eager, George

Eager, George B.

Early, Mary

Early, Ted

East, Dr

Eaton, Cyrus

Echols, Angus

Echols, Constance

Echols, Dr

Echols, Mr. "Reddy"

Echols, Pat

Echols, Reddie

Echols, Reddie H.

Echols, Robert Lewis Harrison

Echols, William H. (William Holding)

Edgar, Dr

Edgar, Dr. Graham

Edgar, Rowland


Education, National Commission on

Edwards, Horace

Edwards, T.W.

Edwards, Wayne

Egger, George

Egger, Rowland

Eide, Helen

Eisenburg, Ralph

Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David)

Elder, Lee

Elections Committee, Senate Privileges and

Elias, Bill

Elias, William

Eliot, Speed

Elizabeth, Queen

Elliot, Lucy Cocke

Ellis, Joe

Ellis, Weldon

Ellwood, William

Elmore, Emory

Elmore, Harry

Elosser, Bonnie

Elwood, Bill

Emerson, Margaret H.


Emmett, Professor

Englander, Robert Paul


Ern, Ernie

Erns, Ernie

Estes, Guy

Eustler, Mr.

Evaluator, Certified Assessment

Evans, Dena

Evans, Luther

Everrett, Dr.

Ewart, Dr

Family, Austin

Family, Hemmings

Family, Land

Family, Rowe

Family, Stern

Family, Taylor

Family, Walker

Family, White

Farakan, Louis

Farmer, Francis

Farquhar, David

Farrakhan, Louis

Farrar, Grisby

Faulk, Oscar

Faulkner, Mrs.

Faulkner, Nancy

Faulkner, William

Fears, Thomas

Fellowship, Dupont

Fellowship, Junior Dupont

Fenwick, Charlie

Ferguson, Bill

Ferguson, Dean

Ferguson, Dr.

Ferguson, Frank

Ferguson, George Lester

Ferguson, James

Ferguson, Mrs.

Fernbach, Alfred Philip

Ferrier, Mr

Fickenscher, Arthur

Fickenscher, Mr.

Fife, Francis

Financial Officer, Chief

Finga, Nell

Finger, Frank W. (Frank Whitney)

Finger, Nell

Fink, Jack

Finley, Cecile Bolton

Finley, J.N.G.

Finley, Jack

Finley, Jack Norvall

Finley, Malcom

Finley, WW

Fischer, Victor

Fischman, Jack

Fishbach, Bill

Fishback, Bill

Fishburne, Julius Rhodes

Fishburne, Junius Rodes

Fishburne, Mary

Fisher, Irv

Fitch, Hollace

Fitch, Hollis

Fite, Pat

Fitz Patrick, Thomas

Fitzhugh, Professor

Fitzhugh, Slaughter

FitzHugh, Thomas

Fitzhugh, Tom

Fitzhugh, Tommy

Fitzpatrick, J.C.

Fitzpatrick, Mr.

Fleer, Alfred W

Fleming, Robin

Fletcher, Ann

Fletcher, Dick

Fletcher, Margie

Flippen, Dr.

Flippen, Dr. James Carroll

Flippen, Harry


Flippin, Dr.

Flippin, Harry

Flippin, James Carroll

Florence, Mr.


Flow, Donald

Floyd, Edward

Flynn, Alicia Wertenbaker

Flynn, John Freeman

Flynn, Middleton

Fontaine, William

Forbes, John Douglas

Forbes, Mary Elizabeth

Forbes, Michael

Ford, Betty

Ford, Gerald

Ford, Mrs Henry

Foreman, James

Forest, William


Forrest, William

Foss, Ned

Fossett, Ned


Foster, Bob

Foundation, Ford

Foundation, Rockefeller


Francis, Frank

Franke, Roy

Franklin, Francis

Franklin, John

Frantz, Ray


Fraser, David

Fraser, Harry

Frazier, Alexander

Frazier, Dr.

Frazier, Harry

Frazier, Mr.

Freeman, Charlie

Freeman, Douglas

Freeman, Dr. Douglas

Freeman, John

Freeman, Middleton

Freeman, Mr.


French, Dexter

Frguson, George

Frick, Henry Clay

Frost, Robert

Frye, Joshua


Fulcher, Bobby

Fullbright, Bill


Fulton, Otis

Fund, Spellman

Funston, Bob

Furman, Tom

Gaines, Ed

Gaines, Williams

Gaither, Rowen

Galban, Jay


Gale, Finley

Galinet, Walter C.

Galvan, Jay

Gamble, Ed

Gamble, Eleanor

Gamble, Eleanor Kent

Gamble, Liz Mullholland

Gammell, Chambliss

Garber, John

Gardner, Tom

Garlick, Jr., Richard Cecil

Garlick, Richard Cecil, Jr.

Garnett, Dick

Garnett, Mr.

Garrett, Alexander

Garrett, Dick

Garrett, Lee


Gary III, Dupont

Gaston, Paul M.

Gates, James

Gates, Jim

Gatlin, Gladys T.

Gay, Thomas Benjamin

Gee, Wilson

Geenwalt, Crawford

Geer, Langdon Roosevelt

Geldar, Dr

Geldard, Frank

Gemill, Chalmers

Gemmell, Chalmers

Gemmill, Chalmers Laughlin

Gemmill, Charles

General Assembly, Virginia

Genini, Lawrence

Gentry, Fenton

Gentry, Louise

Gentry, Phil

Gentry, Sam

George, Nannie

Gerard, Gus

German, Chip

German, PK

Germino, Dante

Ghee, Wilson



Gibbs, Annette

Gibron, Abe

Gibson, David

Gibson, Dean

Gibson, Ed

Gibson, Eleanor

Gibson, Theodore

Gieck, Joe

Gifford, Frank

Gifford, Kathie

Gilbert, James

Gilbert, Jim

Giles, Mrs. Emily

Gilley, Wade

Gilliam, John

Gilliam, Richard D., Jr

Gillum, Sandy

Gilmer, Coach

Gilmer, George

Gimmel, Charles

Given, Charles

Glasgow, Ellen


Glass, Carter

Glen, Gerard

Glenn, Chris

Glenn, Mr.

Glover, Buddy

Godwin, Mills

Golden, John

Goldstein, Dr. Gerald

Goldstein, Gerry

Gooch, Bob

Gooch, Bobby

Gooch, R. K. (Robert Kent)

Gooch, Robert (Bobby)

Goode, Wilson

Goodloe, Colonel

Goodman, Estelle

Goodwin, Dr.

Goodwin, Mills

Goodwin, Mrs

Goodwin, William Hall

Gorbachev, Mikhail

Gordon Jr, Churchill

Gordon, Armistead

Gordon, Cecil

Gordon, Duke of

Gordon, Lady Helen Lennox

Gordon, Nancy

Gordon, Oscar

Gore, Al

Gouch, Robert

Gould, Jay

Gould, Vincent

Government, Institute of

Graebner, Norman

Graham, Billy

Graham, Claude

Graham, Frank

Grant, Bud

Grant, Dan

Grant, Frances

Grant, Isabel

Grant, John Ogilvy

Grant, Keith

Grantland, (Chief)


Graves, Bibb

Graves, Charles A. (Charles Alfred)

Graves, Charlie

Graves, Dr.

Graves, Monte

Graves, Professor

Gray Commission,

Gray, Glen

Gray, Peck

Gray, Superintendent

Grazier, Jack

Greear, Fred

Green, Julian

Green, Julien

Greene, Chris

Greene, Julian

Greene, Luther

Greenwalt, Crawford

Greer, Fred

Greer, Pop

Gregory, Charlie

Gregory, Professor

Grenniti, Rusty

Greogy, Warren

Gresham, Bobby

Gresham, Elizabeth Fenner

Gresham, Tom

Grey, Martha

Griffin, Mr.

Grissol, Jerry



Guard, Monticello

Guepe, Art

Guernsey, Lisa G.

Guersney, Lisa

Gumble, Bryant

Gunderson, Dean

Gurley, Dr

Gurney, Georgie

Gwalthney, Roberta

Gwalthney, Roberta Hollingsworth


Gwathmey, Alan

Gwathmey, Allan

Gwathmey, Allen

Gwathmey, Pat

Gwathmey, Pete (Allan)

Gwathmey, Roberta Hollingsworth

Gwathney, Pat

Gwathney, Pete

Gwathney, Roberta

Gwynn, Fred

H., Mary Nelson

Hackler, Ken

Haden, Dr.

Haden, General

Hadley, Arthur T

Hadley, James

Hagen, Al

Hague, James

Hahn, T. Marshall

Haigh, Virginia

Hale, Lucy

Hale, Nancy

Hale, Oron J. (Oron James)

Hale, Pat

Hale, Pat (OJ)

Hale, Virginia


Hall, Doug

Halliday, Albert



Halsey, William

Hamble, Nancy

Hamblin, Dean

Hamblin, Dean Mary Jane

Hamblin, Mrs.

Hamer, Captain Frank

Hamilton, Sally W.

Hamilton, Howard

Hamilton, Hugh

Hamilton, Marion

Hamilton, Rhoulac

Hamistrand, Dr.


Hammastrand, Neil


Hammond, "Red"

Hammond, 'Red'

Hammond, Francis Lile.

Hammond, Lewis Machen

Hammond, Louis

Hammond, Mrs.

Hammond, Red

Hammond, Thomas

Hamner, Doug

Hampton, Walter


Hancock, Charles

Hancock, Mrs. Charles

Hancock, Professor

Handler, Phillip

Handy, Alice

Hanes, Connie

Hannold, Dana

Harbaugh, Bill


Harbough, William

Hardy, Hanson

Hargood, Mr.

Harlan, John

Harlet, Fred

Harlow, Claude

Harlow, Les

Harned, David


Harper, Ida Husted

Harrell, Charles

Harris, Bob

Harris, Judi

Harris, Orville

Harris, Robert (Bob)

Harris, Wesley

Harrison, Albertis

Harrison, Bob

Harrison, Elda

Harrison, Eleanor F.

Harrison, Gessner

Harrison, Hartwell

Harrison, Letcher

Harrison, Mary

Harrison, Wright


Hart, Dr.

Hart, James

Hart, Jimmy

Hartfield, Col.

Hartman, Frank

Hartman, Mrs.

Harvey, Paul

Harwood, Aubrey

Hashagan, Mrs.


Hatcher, Bob

Hathaway, Nipper

Hathheimer, Mr.

Hauffs, Mrs.

Haupt, Dr


Havran, Martin


Hay, James

Hayes, Martha

Haynesworth, Betty Blair

Haynesworth, Clement

Hazen, Mr.

Heald, Henry

Hecht, Mrs.


Heck, Harry

Heck, William


Hedges, Dr

Hedges, Dr.

Hedges, Halsted

Hedges, Halston

Hedlune, Gustav Arnold

Heilbronner, Walter

Heilog, Heidrich

Heilog, Ray


Heinrich, E. Jeffries

Heiseman, Parwell

Heishman, Raymond


Helms, James

Helvin, Elain

Helvin, Jimmy


Hench, Atchenson

Hench, Atcheson Laughlin

Hench, Dr.

Henderson, Charles

Henderson, Dean

Henry, Uncle

Henry, William

Henson, Josh

Henson, Jr., Edward Buck

Henson, Nellie Parker

Hepburn, Audrey

Herbek, Charles

Hereford Jr., Frank L.


Hereford, Ann Lane

Hereford, Creek

Hereford, Frank L. (Frank Loucks)

Hereford, Robert

Herrill, Robert

Hess, Mrs.

Hesse, Herman

Hest, Gladys

Heugel, Max

Hewson, T.T

Hickerson, Bill

Hide, Bob

Hiden, Martin

Higgins, Irene

Hildreth, Bill

Hill, Anita

Hill, Archibald

Hill, Maida

Hill, Mrs.

Hill, Tudd

Hill, Willie

Hilliard, Cummings &

Hinch, Ache

Hinch, Atchison

Hiss, Alger

Hitchcock, Lauren Blakely

Hitchcock, Peggy

Hitler, Adolf

Hitler, Adolph


Hobbs, Bill

Hobson, Ralph


Hockston, Dr

Hodges, Leroy

Hoelscher, Larry

Hoes, Lawrence

Hoffer, Frank

Hoffer, Frank W.

Hoffman, Paul

Hoge, Howard

Hohr, Arthur J.

Holiday, Ed

Holiday, Jean

Hollace, Fitch

Holland, Gilly

Holland, Terry

Holliday, Jean

Hollingsworth, Roberta


Holmes, Charlotte

Holmes, George

Holmes, Jr., Oliver Wendell

Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Holsac, David

Holsac, Davod


Holsinger, Jr., Ralph W.

Holsinger, Ralph W.

Holt, Dr


Holton, Governor

Holton, Lin

Holton, Lindwood

Holton, Linwood

Holtz, Lou

Hood, Don

Hooper, Ed

Hoover, Edgar

Hoover, Herbert

Hoover, Heribert


Hopkins, Charles E.

Hopkins, Charlie

Hopkinson, Liz

Hornby, Brock

Hornrug, Paul

Horsley, Guy

Horsley, Shelton


Hoskins, Elisabeth

Hoskins, Elisabeth Bransford

Hoskins, Elizabeth

Hoskins, Robert

Hough, Theodore

House, Floyd Nelson

Houston, Frank

Houston, Nora

Houston, Samuel

Howard, Esme

Howell, Henry E. (Henry Evans)


Hoxton, Archibald

Hoxton, Archie

Hoxton, Dr.

Hoxton, Llewellyn

Hoxton, Professor

Hubbard, Robert M. (Robert Merrill)

Huber, Dr.

Hudnutt, Mr.


Hudson, Herman

Huff, Dean

Huff, Dr.

Huff, Mrs. Nelly

Huffman, Margaret

Hugenot, John

Hugo, Harold

Hulton, Linwood

Hulvey, Charles

Hulvey, Charles Newton

Hulvey, Major


Humphrey, George


Humphreys, Professor


Humphries, Milton Wylie

Hunley, Aral

Hunt, Bragadeer

Hunt, Ray


Hunter, David

Hunter, Tom

Huntly, Bob

Husted, Ladley


Hutchins, Bob

Hutchins, Steele

Hutchinson, Bill

Hutter, Chris

Huxley, Aldous

Hyde, Duncan Clark

Hyde, Forrest

Hydes, Duncan

Iachetta, Tony

Iavaroni, Marc

Ibbeken, Dave

Ickes, Harold

Ikenberry, Stan

Ingersoll, Professor

Ingle, Walter

Intervieweefamily, Intervieweefirst

Intervieweefamily, Intervieweename

intervieweelastname, intervieweefirstname

Interviewerfamily, Interviewername

Interviewerlast, Interviewerfirst

Ions, Willoughby

Irvin, Lacy

Irving, Ed

Irving, Washington

Israel, John



Jackson, Bill

Jackson, Don

Jackson, Dr

Jackson, Herbert

Jackson, Reverend Mr.

Jackson, Stonewall

Jackson, Thomas

Jackson, Willie

Jackson, Yusef

Jacobs, Jackson

Jacobs, Linwood

Jacobs, Nancy

Jacobs, Virginia C.

Jacobson, Ira

James, Quarles

Jameson, E.T.

Jamieson, John Franklin

Jansen, Benno

Jarman, Dabney

Jarvis, Dave and Mary

Jayne, Sears

Jefferson, Peter

Jefferson, Thomas

Jeffries, Jack

Jenkins, Merle

Jennings, G.C.

Jennings, John

Jesse, Beam

Jett, Barbara

Jewett, Jack

Johns, Ariel

Johns, Jay

Johns, Maurice


Johnson, Al

Johnson, Alan

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Carey

Johnson, Elmer

Johnson, Floyd

Johnson, H. P. ("gummy")

Johnson, Herman Patrick (Gummy)

Johnson, Lee

Johnson, Lucy

Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines)

Johnson, Montgomery

Johnson, Mrs. Bradley

Johnson, Nathan

Johnson, President Andrew

Johnson, Samuel

Johnson, T.C.

Johnson, Thomas Cary

Johnson, Walter

Johnston, Mary

Jones, Archer

Jones, Archie

Jones, Belva Dunn

Jones, Denver R.

Jones, Don

Jones, Donald

Jones, Dr.

Jones, Dudley

Jones, Elwood

Jones, Evelyn Carter

Jones, Florence Coleman

Jones, Frizzell (Zeke)

Jones, George

Jones, Harry Munford

Jones, James Lawrence

Jones, Jeff

Jones, Kermit

Jones, Laura Jane

Jones, Lily Carrie

Jones, Mary Scott

Jones, Miss Lucy

Jones, Mrs

Jones, Richard Chapin

Jones, Sally

Jones, Tara

Jones, Thomas Edwin

Jones, Thomas Scott

Jones, William Russell

Jones, Zeke Frizzell


Jordan, Barbara

Jordan, Dean

Jordan, Dr.

Jordan, Dr. Harvey

Jordan, Harvey Ernest

Jordan, William

Jordan, William (Willie)

Jouett, Jack

Joyner, Kitty O'Brien

Jr., Staige

Julian (?), John


Kagley, Laura

Kahn, Louis I.

Kai-Shek, Chiang

Kane, Clarence

Kapin, Lester

Kaplan, Morton

Kaplan, Waterman

Kase, Anne

Kauffmann, Hank

Kaufman, Hank

Kaufman, Irvy

Kaulback, Frank

Keating, Scott

Keenan, William

Kegler, J. B.

Kegler, Lucia

Keith, Elliewood

Kellams, Samuel

Keller, Herbert

Kelley, Barbara

Kellogg, Bob

Kellogg, Bobby

Kellogg, Robert


Kelly, Barbara

Kelly, Bill

Kelly, Grace

Kelly, J L

Kelly, Mrs

Kelly, Owen

Kelly, Pat

Kendall, Paul


Kennedy, Edward

Kennedy, Jack

Kennedy, John

Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald)

Kennedy, Joseph

Kennedy, Michael

Kennedy, Minister

Kennedy, Robert

Kennedy, Robert "Bobby"

Kennedy, Ted

Kennedy, Theodore "Teddy"


Kent, C. W. (Chucky)

Kent, Charles W.

Kent, Charles W. (Chucky)

Kent, Chucky

Kent, Elmer

Kent, Norman

Kent, Verben

Kenton, Stan

Kepner, Dr.

Keppner, Dr

Keppner, W a

Keppner, William

Kern, Bus

Kern, Frank

Kerr, Chester

Kett, Eleanor

Kett, Joseph F.

Keynes, John Maynard

Kidder, Mary

Kilgore, Jerry

Kilgore, Terry

Kimball, Fiske

Kimball, Professor


Kinard, Jim


Kincaid, Admiral

Kindred, Jimmy

King, Don

King, Hazel

King, Jimmy

King, John

King, Jr., Martin Luther

Kirby, Terry

Kleindienst, Richard

Klingman, Walter

Kluge, Pat

Knapp, Bill

Knapp, John

Knight, Bobby

Knight, James A.

Knight, Jeannie

Knight, Pop

Knorr, Norman

Kohler, Charlotte E.

Koiner, Helena

Kolb, Harold

Kramer, Jerry

Krug, Robert

Kulen, Lil

Kunstler, William

Kuntsler, William

Kuntzler, William

La Montagne Saint-Hubert, Robert

Lagow, Larry

Laird, Bill

Laird, Margaret

Lama, Bob

Lambert, Dean

Lambert, Mary Ellen

Lambeth, Betsey

Lambeth, Doc

Lambeth, Dr

Lambeth, Mrs.

Lambeth, Professor

Lambeth, William A.

Lamkin, Pat

Lamour, Dorothy

Lamp, Bill

Lancaster, Carrington

Lancaster, Dabney

Lancaster, Harry Carrington

Lance, Dr.

Land, Bob

Land, Roy

Landel, Bob


Lane, E T

Lane, Macarthur

Langbaum, Bob

Langford, Frank

Langham, Buck

Langloh, Billy

Lanigan, Pop


Lankford, Francis Greenfield

Lankford, Jr., Francis G.


Lannigan, (Pop)

Lannigan, Pop

Lantha, John

Lapham, Jerry


LaRowe, Johnny

LaRue, Johnny

Larue, Sarah

Lasswell, Harold D.

Last, First Middle

last, name middle

Lasting, Phillip

Lastname, Firstname

Lastname, Firstname Middlename

Laughtenschlager, Ed

Lautenschlinger, Ed

Lawrence, David

Lawrence, Don

Lawrence, Ernest O.

Lawrence, Johnny


Lawson, Edgar

League, Municipal

League, Virginia Municipal

Leake, Alton

Leckie, Robert


Lee, Ambrose

Lee, Jessie

Lee, Jonas

Lee, Lawrence

Lee, Lawrence (Larry)

Lee, Mr

Lee, Randolph

Lee, Richard Henry

Lee, Robert

Lee, Robert (Bobby)

Lee, Robert E.

Lee, Sam

Lefever, Dr

Lefever, Dr.

Lefevre, ("Little Doc")

LeFevre, (Doc)

Lefevre, (Dr. Albert)

Lefevre, Albert

LeFevre, Albert (Little Doc)

Lefevre, Dr.

Lefluer, Dr

Leftwich, Adolph


Lehman, Edward Partridge

Lehman, Edwin Partridge

Lehman, Linwood

Lemons, Jay

Lemons, Marcia


Leslie, David

LeSueur, Ella Mae

Levine, Dr.

Levy Family,

Levy, Mr.


Lewis, (Bud)

Lewis, Dean

Lewis, Dean Ivey

Lewis, Dr.

Lewis, Ed

Lewis, Guy

Lewis, Helen

Lewis, Ivey F.

Lewis, Ivy

Lewis, John

Lewis, Judd

Lewis, Lawrence

Lewis, Mary Minor

Lewis, Mrs

Lewis, Mrs.

Lewis, Penelope

Lewis, Sebastian

Lewises, the

Lewises, the Ivey

Light, Robert C. (Robert Chambliss)

Lile, Dean

Lile, Dr.

Lile, Frances

Lile, Francis

Lile, John

Lincoln, Abraham

Lindsay, Clark

Lipop, Katie

Lippett, Fontaine

Lippmann, Walter

Lipscombe, Miss

Lisa, Guernsey

Little, Lou

Lloyd, Jack

Lobinger, John

Lock, Mack

Lohman, Al


Lombardi, Vince


Long, M.M.

Long, Ray

Long, Roy

Low, Emmet

Low, Peter

Lowance, Carter

Lowe, Alice

Lowe, Harry

Lowe, John

Lowe, Mr.

Luce, Gilbert

Luck, John

Luck, Mac

Luck, Pot


Ludwig, Ludia

Luke, Bill

Luke, Mary Evie

Lutz, Rob

Lutz, Robert


Lyle, Dean

Lyle, William Minor

Lynch, Dr



MacConochie, Arthur Francis


Mace, James

Mack, Darryl

Macklamore, Betty

Mackwood, Tom

MacLeish, Archbald

Madison, Dolley

Madison, Dolly

Main, Ralph

Makielski, Stanislaw

Male, Bus

Male, Evan J.


Mallett, John W.

Mallett, Marcus

Mallett, Professor

Malone, Dumas


Maltbie, Mr

Manahan, Dean

Manahan, Jack

Manahan, John

Mandell, Marvin

Mangelsdorf, Dr

Mann, Frank

Mann, Hank

Mann, William Jackson

Mannix, Kevin

Mansfield, Harvey

Manson, Peter

Maphis, Charles G. (Charles Gilmore)

Maphis, Dean

Maphis, Dr.

Mapp, Walter G.

Marcuse, Herbert

Marie, Madison

Markham, Professor

Markuza, Herbert

Marritt, Kent

Marsh, Harold


Marshall, Dr.

Marshall, Dr/

Marshall, Harry

Marshall, John

Marshall, Jr., Thurgood

Marshall, Page

Marshall, Snowden

Marshall, Thurgood

Martain, Henry

Martin, Ben

Martin, Clara

Martin, Henry

Martin, Lee

Martin, Mrs. Nat

Martin, Roscoe

Martin, Roy

Martinez, Dr

Marvin, Dan

Marvin, Grant

Mash, Charlie

Mason, Lucy


Massey, Garrett

Massie, Francis

Massie, John E.

Massie, Mr.


Mather, Cotton

Matthews, Brian

Matthews, Freeman

Maul, Bill

Maupin, Bay

Maupin, Old Mr.

Maury, Jack

Maverick, George

Maxey, Kenneth

May, James S.

Mayes, Virginia

Mayfess, Dr

Mayo, Bernard

Mayo, Buss

Mayo, Charles

Mayo, Dr. & Mrs.

Mayo, George Pickett

Mayo, Vernie

Mayo, Will

Mayor, Dave

Mays, David

Maysfield, John

Mazzei, Philip

McAdoo, Eleanor

McBirney, Professor

McBurney, Dr.

McCann, Billy

McCann, William



McCashland, Vernon


McCasland, S. Vernon (Selby Vernon)


McCauley, Spence

McClean, David

McClesky, Clifton

McClintock, Edward

McClure, Polley

McClure, Polly

McCoid, John

McConnell, Joe

McConnell, Joseph

McConochie, Frank

McCoo, Mrs

McCormick, Charles

McCoy, John

McCraray, Emma

McCue, Edward

McCue, Frank

McCue, Percell

McCue, Senator

McDonald, Ned

McEwan, Al

McEwen, Mr. Alan

McEwen, Mrs

McFarland, Mack

McFarland, Mr.

McFarland, Mrs.

McGaveth, Frank

Mcgavitt, John

McGill, William

McGill, William Butler

McGrath, Lex

McGregor, Tracy W.

McGruder, Alvo

McGruder, Lionel

McGuire, Mrs.

McGuire, Murry

McGuire, Richard

McIlhenny, Hugh


McIlleny, Hugh

McIllwane, Mr.


McIntire, Mr.

McIntire, Paul Goodloe

McIntosh, Margaret Taylor


McKay, Donald

McKeller, Jean

McKemp, Thomas

McKenna, Mr

McKeon, Richard

McKinney, "Bones"

McKinney, Clement P.

McKinney, Marcellus

McLemore, James L.

McMahon, Michael

McMurder, Bob

McMurdo, Robert

McMurran, Lewis

McShane, E. J. (Edward James)

McShane, Jimmy

McSmith, Herbert

McWane, Henry

Meade, Archdeacon

Meade, Earnest

Meade, Everard W.

Meade, Julian

Meade, Kate

Meade, Kitty

Meade, Marian

Meade, Richard (Dick) Hardaway

Meador, Daniel

Meador, Daniel John.

Meadow, Dan

Mearns, David

Mehring, Margaret

Meikeljohn, Alexander

Meikeljohn, Alexander (Alec)

Memorial Foundation, Thomas Jefferson

Menninger, Bill

Mercein, Chuck

Merchant, Homer

Merchaun, Steve

Meredith, Charles

Meredith, Don

Merriam, Charles

Merriam, Charles G.

Merrill, Richard

Merryville, Fred

Messenger, John


Metcalf, Dean

Metcalf, Dr.

Metcalf, Dr. James

Metcalf, John Calvin

Metter, Daniel

Meyer, Adolph

Michael, J. Harry (James Harry)

Michie, Catherine Hughes

Michie, Hewson

Michie, Lucille

Michie, Sally

Michie, Thomas

Michie, Tom

Michie, Virginia

Middleditch, Leigh

Middleton, Beevo

Mikalski, Stanislas

Miles, Harry

Miles, Mrs.

Milhouse, Richard


Miller, "Weenie"

Miller, Andy

Miller, Anna Irene

Miller, Bessie Dunn

Miller, Burkett

Miller, Charles

Miller, Francis Pickens

Miller, Glen

Miller, J.S.

Miller, James

Miller, James Shannon

Miller, Mrs. Reverand

Miller, Professor

Miller, Samuel

Millet, Kate

Millikan, Dr

Mills, Virginia

Minihan, Dr.

Minor, Bob

Minor, Dabney

Minor, George

Minor, John

Minor, John (B.)

Minor, John B.

Minor, Kate

Minor, Mary Elizabeth

Minor, Mary Willis

Minor, Natelie Venable

Minor, Raleigh C.


Mitchell, Alan

Mitchell, Henry

Mitchell, Mrs.

Mitchell, Samuel Alfred

Mochel, Edward

Mock, Chip

Moffatt, Edgar

Moffatt, Gaston

Moffatt, Lucius Gaston


Mohler, Dan

Mohler, Harriet Hodges

Moll, Bill

Moll, Dr. William

Molyneaux, Edward

Molyneaux, J. Lambert

Molyneaux, John Lambert

Molyneaux, Lambert

Molyneaux, Therese

Monahan, Dean

Mondale, Walter

Monger, Peter

Monohan, Dean

Monroe, James

Monroe, Joseph

Montague, Hill

Montgomery, Mable

Montgomery, Walter

Moomaw, Ned

Moomaw, W.E. Ned

Moon, Miss Mary

Moon, Samuel Ogden

Moore, Alexander

Moore, Frank

Moore, John

Moore, M.D., Claude

Moore, Mae

Moore, Nancy

Moore, Richard

Moore, Richmond

Moore, W. W.

Moorean, E H

Moos, Malcolm

Moran Jr., Charles E (Chic)

Moran Jr., Charles E. (Chic)

Moran, Charles E.

Moran, Charles E. ("Chic")

Moran, Charles Nicholas

Moran, Jr., Charles E.

Moran, Jr., Charles E. ("Chic")

Moran, Jr., Charles E. ('Chic')

Moran, Jr., Charles E. (Chic)

Moran, Jr., Charles E. (Chick)

Moran, Mrs.

Moran, Robert

Moran, Sarepta

Moran, Sr., E. (Chick)

Moran, Virginia

Morgan, JP

Morran, Chick

Morris, Carolyn

Morris, Ed

Morris, Emma

Morris, Tom

Morrison, Jim

Morrissett, C. H.

Morrow, Dr.

Morse, Frederick Tracey

Morse, Frederick Tracy

Morse, Genevieve

Mort, Paul

Morton II, Charles Bruce

Morton, Charles Bruce

Morton, Mr.

Morton, Professor (Buttonhole)

Mother, Queen

Mott, Charlie

Moyer, Dave

Moyer, David

Mrs. Jeffries,

Ms. Speed,




Muller, Harry


Mullholland, Elizabeth

Mullholland, Hank

Mullins, Jason

Mullins, Lesley (Moon)

Mumford, Lewis

Mundy, Amelia "Blue"

Mundy, Colonel

Munford, Beverly

Munford, Beverly B.

Munford, Mary Branch

Munford, Thoman T.

Munford, Thomas T.

Munoz, Alan

Murdoch, Charles

Mure, Geoffrey

Murphy, Charles

Murphy, Tayloe

Murray, Coach

Murray, Frank

Murray, Holt

Murray, Jackson

Murray, Nicholas


Mussolini, Benito

Nair, John Henry

namelast, namefirst


Napp, Johnny

Narance, Professor

Nash, Charlie

Nash, Diane

Neal, Coach

Neal, Greasy

Neal, Lewis

Neale, Greasy

Nearing, Mr.

Neaves, Archdeacon

Neff, George

Neil, Lewis

Neill, Lewis

Nelson County, Commissioner of Revenue of

Nelson, Bruce

Nelson, Charlie

Nelson, Martha

Nelson, Page

Nelson, Robert

Nelson, Sally

Nelson, Wilbur

Nesbit, (Chief)

Nevins, Alan

Newbill, Professor


Newcomb, Dr

Newcomb, Dr.

Newcomb, Dr. John

Newcomb, Grace

Newcomb, Grace Shields

Newcomb, John Lloyd

Newcomb, John Martin

Newcomb, President


Newman, Cynthia Dalrymple

Newman, Dean

newpersonlast, newpersonfirst

News Letter, University of Virginia

News, Virginia Drama

Newton, Isaac

Nicholas, Freddie

Nichols, Freddie

Nichols, Frederick Doveton.

Nicholson, Freddy

Nickels, Jr., William I.

Nickels, Nickels I


Nimitz, Admiral

Nixon, President

Nixon, Richard

Noakes, John

Noble, Billy

Noble, William

Nock, Albert Jay

Nokes, John

Nolting, Frederick E.

Nolting, Fritz

Nolting, Jr., Frederick

Norfleet, Fillmore

Norfolk, City of Treasurer of

Northumberland, Duchess of

Northumberland, Duke of

Norton, Dan

Novagratz, Robert (Bob)

Nowlen, Phil


Nutter, Buzz

Nutter, Warren

O'Brien, Nancy

O'Grady, Mary

O'Grince, Sylvester

O'Hara, Dr.

O'Keefe, Georgia

O'Neal, Jim

O'Neal, William Bainter


O'Neil, Robert

O'Neil, Robert M

O'Neil, Robert M.

O, Mary

Obendorph, Dr

of Foreign Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School

of Greece, King George

of New York, First National City

Of the Humanities, National Endowment

Officials Conference, Local Government

Ogden, Jean

Ogden, Jess

Ogle, (Bud)

Ogle, Bud

Ogle, Robert

Oglesby, E.J.

Oglesby, Professor

Oliver, Henry


Olivia, George


Olterman, E. J.

Ord, John

Organization, Byrd

Organization, NAACP

Otey, Elizabeth

Overman, Ed

Overman, Edward

Owen, John

Owen, Kimbrough

Owens, Jack




Page, Bill

Page, Charlie

Page, Dean

Page, Dr.

Page, E M

Page, E. M.

Page, Eugene

Page, Evelyn

Page, Frederick W.

Page, J M

Page, J. M.

Page, James Madison

Page, James Morris

Page, Jim

Page, John R. (John Randolph)

Page, Lucy

Page, Mildred

Page, Mildred Nelson

Page, Mrs.

Page, Mrs. E. M.

Page, Thomas Walker

Page, Wood

Paige, Charlie

Paige, Dean

Paige, Dean Morris

Paige, E M

Paige, Eugene C., Jr.

Paige, Horace

Paige, James

Paige, James Morris

Paige, Jim

Paige, Mrs

Paige, Walter Hines

Paige, Woody

Pall, Karen


Palmer, Isabel

Palmer, Isabelle

Palmer, Mrs.

Palmer, Wendy

Pappan, Geoffrey

Park, McCauley

Parker, Bill

Parker, Spotswood Hayes

Parkhill, Barry

Parks, Rosa

Parliament, British

Parnell, Ann

Parson, Bill

Pate, Robert

Patrick, Supro


Patton, John

Patton, Mr.

Patton, Patty

Patton, Polly

Patton, Robert

Pattons, the

Paulett, Forest

Paulsen, Monrad

Pavilion Residents,

Paygoll, Arthur August


Peabody, Dr.

Peake, Dick

Peavey, Marion

Pedersen, Fred

Pedersen, Mr.

Pents, Maupin

Perdue, Jean Jones

Perkins, Allen

Perkins, Hazel

Perkins, Jim

Perry, Beth

Perry, Ellen

Perry, John

Perry, Marvin

person, a

Person, Interviewer

person, new test

personlastname, personfirstname

Peterson, Merrill


Peyton, Major Green

Peyton, Mr

Peyton, Mr.

Peyton, Phillip and Pansy

Philip, Prince

Philipson, Mr.

Phillips, Bud

Phillips, Clarence

Phillips, Jack

Piazza, Marguerite


Pickering, Woodrow

Picketts, Herbert

Pickles, Mr

Pidgeon, Mary Elizabeth.

Pidgeon, Robert

Pinchot, Gifford

Pinckney, Michael

Pinkney, Mike

Pipkin, George

Pirenne, Henri


Pitts, Charity

Pitts, Elijah

Pitts, Mrs.

Players, Virginia

Plumb, George

Plunkett, Michael

Poe, E. C.

Poe, Edgar Allen

Poff, Richard H. (Richard Harding)

Polemy, Father

Political Science Seminary, James Hart's

Politt, Anita


Pollard, (mother)

Pollock, Theresa

Pollock, William Stone Weedon

Polly, Barbara

Polmeroy, Hugh

Polzer, John

Pomfret, Jack

Poole, Rachel

Porter, Henry

Porter, Robert

Porterfield, Bob

Postre, Mark

Pot, John "Luck"

Potter, Jim

Potts, Billy

Potts, Robert

Powell, James

Powell, John

Powell, Noble

Pratt, Dr

Pratt, Dr and Mrs.Agnes Rathery

Pratt, Harry

Pratt, Harry Rogers

Pratt, John Lee

Pratt, Mrs. Harry Rogers

Preas, George

Preston, Frank

Price, Jim

Princeton, Mrs

Pritchard, Captain


Pritchett, Captain

Professor, Hugh Mercles

Proffitt, Mary

Prufrock, J. Alfred

Public Administration, Bureau of

Public Affairs, Institute of

Public, John Q

Purdue, Charlotte

Purvis, Elizabeth

Purvis, Mrs

Putney, Steven

Pyle, Mary Thurman

Quarles, Dean

Quarles, Ella Mae LeSueur

Quarles, James

Quarles, Lawrence Reginald

Quarles, Margaret

Quayle, Frank

Quillen, Ford

Rachal, Will

Rafferty, Doris

Railton, Steve

Rakes, Gary

Raleigh, Minor

Ramazani, Ruey

Ramey, Bob

Ramsey, Mr.

Ramseyer, William

Randle, Sonny

Randolf, Mary Walker

Randolph, Agnes

Randolph, Bev

Randolph, Cary Anne

Randolph, Jack

Randolph, Jennings

Randolph, Larned

Randolph, Martha

Randolph, Mary Walker

Randolph, Orlando Robbins

Randolph, Oscar

Ransome, John Crowe

Rasmussen, Grant

Rathban, Ken

Rawlings, Mary

Rawls, Waite

Ray, Gordon

Rayhall, Nick Joe

Reagan, Ronald

Rebbel, Dean

Records Project, Virginia Colonial

Redden, (Heebie)

Redden, Hebe Ruggieri

Redden, Kenneth

Redistricting, Commission on

Reed, Emily

Reed, Mr.

Reed, Ogden

Reed, Walter

Reese, George

Reese, Lee

Reese, Tammi

Reeves, Booker

Reeves, Dimwiddie C.

Reeves, Emily

Reeves, Molly Wilson

Reid, Alexander

Reid, Andrew

Reid, Charles C.

Reid, Mr

Reid, Polly

Reid, Shannon

Reid, Starling

Reinheimer, Robert

Renete, Magda

Renker, Eileen

Reno, Victor

report, McGuffey

Research in the Social Sciences, Institute for

Research, Bureau of Municipal

Respess, James

Respess, Jim

Revenue, Commissioner of

Review, Virginia Quarterly

Reynolds, B D

Reynolds, B. D.

Reynolds, J Sargeant

Reynolds, Victor

Rhoads, P L

Rhodes, Mr


Ribble, Dean

Ribble, F. D. G.

Ribble, Fredrick Goodwin

Ribble, Mary

Rice, Barbara

Rich, Buddy

Richards, Zach

Richardson, Francis

Richmond, City Manager of

Richmond, Duke of

Richmond, Richard

Rickover, Admiral

Ricks, Hoge


Riddley, Walter

Riesman, David

Rinaca, Jim

Rinehart Dennis,


Rines, Thomas Forton


Rinetti, Magda

Rinetti, Oreste

Rinetti, Professor

Ritchie, Jack

Ritchie, John

Rivers, Walt

Rives, Amelie

Rixey, Bill

Rixey, Eppa

Rixey, Mrs

Robb, Chuck

Robbins, Mr.

Robbins, Mrs.

Roberson, Kay

Roberts, Dr.

Roberts, Jean

Robertson, Borey

Robertson, Cindy

Robertson, J K

Robertson, Kay

Robeson, William


Robinson, Cindy

Robinson, Dan

Robinson, Dave

Robinson, Harry

Robinson, Josie

Robinson, Willis

Rockafeller, John D.

Rockefeller, John D


Rodman, Dean

Rodman, Professor

Rodman, Walter S.

Roebuck, James

Roebuck, Jim

Roebuck, Professor

Rogers, Frank

Rogers, Ginger

Rogers, Isabel

Rogers, Lindsey



Romance Languages, Department of

Rooselvelt, Franklin

Roosevelt, Eleanor

Roosevelt, Ethel DuPont

Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano)

Roosevelt, Jr., Franklin Delano

Roosevelt, Theodore

Root, Owen


Rorer, Alex

Rose, Turner

Rose, Willie Lee

Rosen, Stan


Ross, Mrs.


Rosser, Mr. Bill


Rotch, Bill

Rowe, Saxon


Royster, Dr.

Rubin, Gerald

Rubin, Jerry

Ruckadoo, Margaret

Ruckins, Sally

Rudolph, Frederick

Rudy, Edith


Ruffin, Dr.

Ruffin, Dr. Sterling

Ruffin, Sterling

Rullman, Charlie


Runge, Bill

Runk, B. F. D. (Benjamin Franklin Dewees)

Runk, Dean

Runk, Dee

Rushton, Jay Henry

Rushton, Pete

Russell, Grace Shields

Russell, Jane

Rustin, Jeanette

Ruthen, Dr

Rutherglen, George

Rutland, Bob


Ryan, Debbie

Ryan, Hank

Ryan, Lee

Ryan, Thomas Fortune

Sabato, Larry.

Saben, Dr

Sackett, Paul

Sadat, Anwar

Sakel, Professor

Salisbury, Jack

Sally, Walter

Sampson, Ralph

Sanders, Ed

Sandidge, Billy

Sandridge, Leonard Walter.

Santarelli, Don

Santorelli, Donald

Sargeant, Jimmy

Sato, Shusuki


Saunders, Conway

Saunders, Dean

Saunders, Edward

Saunders, Elizabeth

Saunders, Florence

Saunders, Frederick Q.

Saunders, Mr.

Saunders, Nannie

Saunders, Professor

Saunders, Rhonda

Saunier, Paul


Savage, Louis

Savage, Louise


Schlesinger, James

Schlesinger, Jim

Schlichter, Charles E.

Schlichter, Sumner

Schneider, Mike

Scholarship, Dupont

Schroetter, Hilda


Schultz, Dick

Schultz, Ralph


Schwartzkopf, Elizabeth

Science Association, American Political

Scott, Alfred

Scott, Buford

Scott, Charles

Scott, Dean

Scott, Fred

Scott, Katherine

Scott, Mr.

Scott, Nathan

Scott, Robert

Scott, Virginia

Scriggners, the

Scruggs, George F.


Seale, John

Sebo, Steve

Seckham, Tommy

Segal, Cliff

Seibold, Steve

Sensbach, Warner

Seward, Dr

Seward, George

Seymour, Charles

Sforza, Count

Shaddick, George

Shakespeare, William

Shands, William

Shannon, David

Shannon, Edgar Finley

Shannon, Eleanor

Shannon, Thomas

Shannon, William


Shapero, Mohini

Shapiro, Irving

Shapiro, Karl

Shattuck, Roger

Shaunbaum, Samuel

Shavely, Professor

Shavely, Tipton

Shawling, Wallace

Shea, Anthony Vincent

Shea, Eleanor

Sheft, Bill

Shelton, Charlotte Jean

Sheoherd, Tommy

Shepardson, Paul

Sheperd, Blanche


Shepherd, Bill

Shepherd, Blanche

Shepherd, David

Shepherd, Jack

Shepherd, Mary

Shepherd, Mrs.

Shepherd, Tommy

Shepherdson, Whited

Shepperson, Archibald

Shepperson, Archie

Sherman, Anthony (Tony)

Shields, Phil

Short, Abrose

Short, Charlie

Short, Christopher

Short, Ned

Short, William

Shrum, Dick

Shu-Ma, Tse

Shugg, Roger

Shula, Don

Shutts, Dick

Silver, Carolyn Jones

Silvette, Roger

Simpson, Eleanor

Simpson, Ewing

Simpson, Larry

Simpson, Mrs.

Simpson, O. J.

Simpson, OJ

Simpson, T. McNider

Sinatra, Frank

Singleton, W. Ralph (Willard Ralph)

Sinigson, Louis

Sioussat, Dr. St. George L.

Sketchleyto, Mrs.

Skinner, Mr.

Slade, Chris

Slate, William

Slaughter, Betty ("Coed")

Slaughter, Butch

Slaughter, Edward Ratliff

Slaughter, French

Slemp, Bascom

Sloan, David

Sloan, Johnny

Sloan, Mrs.

Sloan, Steve

Small, Albion

Smiddy, Joseph

Smidy, Joe

Smidy, Joseph


Smith, Alex

Smith, Arthur

Smith, C. Alphonso (Charles Alphonso)

Smith, D.C.

Smith, Datus

Smith, Dave

Smith, Daytor

Smith, Downey L.

Smith, Dudley

Smith, Earl

Smith, Edmund

Smith, Emily Pancake

Smith, Frances

Smith, Glenn

Smith, Herman

Smith, Homer

Smith, Howard

Smith, John

Smith, Kyle

Smith, Miss

Smith, Mr.

Smith, Roy

Smith, Susan Gee

Smith, Tim

Smith, Tommie

Smith, Walt

Smith, William (Bill) Kyle

Smith, William Carl

Smith, William Kyle

Smith, Winfred


Smithey, Margaret D. L.


Smithy, Mrs.

Smitty, Joe

Snaveley, Tipton


Snavely, Dr.

Snavely, T.R.

Snavely, Tipton R. (Tipton Ray)

Sneed, Eloise

Snotty, L B

Snyder, "Cap"

Social Sciences, Institute for Research in the

Social Studies, Institute for Research in the

Society, Antiquarian

Society, Poe

Society, Raven

Society, Walpole



Solatarowski, Morris

Space Program, Sputnik



Sparrow, Carol

Sparrow, Carroll

Sparrow, Carroll Mason

Sparrow, Dr

Sparrow, Harold

Sparrow, Professor

Speck, William

Speed, May

Speed, Mrs.

Spees, Emerson N.

Speidel, Carl

Speidel, Margaret

Spellman, Laura

Spencer, Hugh Miller


Spicer, George W. (George Washington)

Spicer, Governor


Spies, Dean

Spies, Emerson "Em:

Spies, Emerson 'Em:

Spillar, Dr.

Spock, Dr.

Spong, Bill

Spooner, George W.

Sprague, Jean

St. Clair, Houston

St. Martin, Alexis

Stacy, John

Stag, Alonzo A.

Staley, Dawn

Stallings, Katherine

Standley, Richard

Stanley, Governor

Stanley, Marianne

Stanley, Tom


Starnes, George

Starnes, George T.

Stauffenberg, Ann

Staufffenberg, Ann

Stearnes, George

Steely, Frank

Stein, Gertrude

Stenbridge, Jane

Stennis, John

Stephens, Eugene

Stettinius, Edward R. (Edward Reilly)

Stettinius, Mr.

Stettinius, Virginia

Stevens, Bill

Stevens, Donald

Stevens, Edward

Stevens, Elizabeth

Stevens, Elmo

Stevens, Helena

Stevens, Meredith

Stevens, Moe

Stevens, Nancy

Stevens, William

Stevenson, Adlai

Stevenson, Ed

Stevenson, Ian

Stewart, Francis

Stewart, Jack

Stewart, Jr., Potter

Stewart, Tom

Stiles, Dean

Stiles, Lindley

Stiles, Lindsay

Stimson, Henry

Stitennias, Edward

Stittinious, Ed

Stocker, Arthur Frederick

Stockton, Helen

Stoffer, Harry

Stokes, Bobby

Stokes, Jerry

Stokes, Phelps

Stone, Ormond

Stonebrunner, Bill

Storing, Herbert

Stork, Louise

Story, Bill

Stovall, Floyd

Strauss, Mike

Strauss, Nancy Porter

Strohman, Debbie

Strother, Warren

Stuart, Gill

Stuart, Harold

Stubbs, Kendon

Students, Female

students, serious

Stulner, Chance

Stump, Jackie

Stump, Ron

Sturdevant, Catherine

Sturgis, Dr

Styles, Lynn

Sugarman, Maurice

Sullivan, (Gilly)

Sullivan, Dr.

Sullivan, Gilley

Sullivan, John

Sullivan, Mort

Sumner, William Graham

Survey, Virginia Geological

Sutherland, Joan

Swan, Oscar


Swanson, Gregory

Sweeney, Robert

Swem, Mr.


Swineford, Oscar

Swofford, John


Sytes, Colin J.

Talbott, Frank

Taliaferro, Catesby

Talley, E A

Talley, Mable

Talmus, Dwight

Tamm, Mr.


Tanner, Douglas W.

Tarkenton, Fran

Tate, Allen

Taussig, Helen

Tavis, Mickey


Taylor, Albert

Taylor, Alice

Taylor, Alton L.

Taylor, Charles

Taylor, Francis

Taylor, Harry J.

Taylor, Horace

Taylor, James B.

Taylor, Mr.

Taylor, Robert Coleman

Taylor, Rollie

Taylor, Stuart

Tayuge, Dr

Tea, Mr.

Tebell, Gus

Teel, Ralph


Temple, David


Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron

Tennyson, Charles

Terman, Lewis W.

testlastname, testfirstname

The Barringer Family,

Theodose, Tommy

Thomas, Clarence

Thomas, George

Thomas, Gregory

Thomas, Henry

Thomas, John

Thomas, Louise

Thomas, Norman

Thomas, Vestal

Thompson, Boyce

Thompson, Elizabeth

Thompson, Ertle

Thompson, Ken

Thompson, Loren

Thompson, Lorin

Thompson, Randall

Thompson, Sadie

Thompson, Tommy

Thompson, William

Thomson, Jim

Thomson, Rawlings

Thornhill, Gabriel Felder (Buck)

Thornton, Ephie Flournoy

Thornton, William M. (William Mynn)


Thorup, Oscar

Thraves, Bob

Thurber, James

Thurman, William

Thurstor, Norman

Tice, Gordon

Till, Emmett

Tilley, Chuck

Tilney, Dr.

Timberlake, Gideon

Timberlake, Louisa Madison

Timmons, Tim

Tinsley, Harrison

Titus, Chester

Todd, Sybil

Toliver, Ned

Tom, Ducorsey W.

Toms, Peter

Ton, Johnny

Toombs, Henry

Toombs, Robert

Topics, College

Topping, Mr.

Torsney, Bridget

Towles, Will

Town and City, Virginia

Treakel, Mrs

Trebell, Gus

Trent, Robert H.

Trice, James

Trimble, Delmege

Trinkle, E. Lee

Troubetzkay, Pierre

Trout, Hugh

Troy, Helen M.

Truman, Harry

Tuck, Bill

Tuck, Helena

Tuck, John


Tucker, Bev

Tucker, Beverly

Tucker, Beverly Dandridge

Tucker, Eleno

Tucker, George

Tucker, Jer

Tucker, Joe

Tucker, Robert

Tucker, Robert H.

Tucker, The

Tull, Sally

Tunney, John

Turkington, W D (R)

Turner, Dick

Turner, Edward

Turner, M. Rick

Turner, Med

Turner, Todd

Tuttle, Steve


Tweel, Ronald

Twyman, Fred

Twyman, Harris

Twyman, Horace

Twyman, Jimmie

Twyman, Jimmy

Tyler, Goofy

Tyler, Lyon Gardiner


Tyson, Peg

Uhl, Ray

Uhl, Vincent

Uncle, Henry

Underwood, Robert (Underclothes)

Unitas, Johnny

University, Comptroller of the

Unknown, Gregory

Updike, Otis L

Utz, Paul

Vager, Dick

Vager, Ike

Vaghi, Peter

Valentine, Charlie

Valentine, E B

Valentine, Lila Meade.

Van Artsdalen,

Van Lear,

Van Leers,

Van Pelt, Joe

Van Schreeven, Bill

Vance, Dick

Vanderbilt, Mr.

Vandevender, Grover

Varner, Harry

Vaughan, Ann Doner

Vaughan, Joeseph (Joe)

Vaughan, Joseph Lee.

Vaughn, Don

Vaughn, Mrs. Joseph

Veblen, Otto

Vedder, ("Foots")

Vedder, (Foots)

Venable, Charles

Venable, Mrs.

Venable, Professor

Verhonick, Phyllis

Vernan, Mr.

Vest, George

Viar, William

Vigor, Peter


Vining, Rutlege

Virginia Counties, League of

Virginia, Municipal League of

Virginia, University Press of

Visitors, Board of

von Mayhoff, Monroe

von Mayhoff, Monrow

Voorhies, Dick

Voris, Dick

Voschell, Allen

W, H E

Wacker, Lou

Waddell, Dean

Waddell, Dr. "Spade"

Waddell, Dr. 'Spade'

Waddell, Jr., W W

Waddell, Judge

Waddell, Spade

Waddell, Virginia

Waddell, W W


Wade, Neil


Waerd, Maria Jo

Wagen, Van

Wagoner, Jennings L.

Waldron, Jay


Walker, Alan

Walker, Bob

Walker, Carter

Walker, Dr

Walker, E B

Walker, George

Walker, George Platt

Walker, Haswell

Walker, Jay Harding

Walker, Mrs (Madam Queen)

Walker, Mrs.

Walker, Queenie

Walker, Virginia

Walker, Wally

Wall, Barry

Wall, Cecil


Wallace, Carl

Wallace, Charles

Wallace, Henry

Wallace, Raines

Wallace, Rains

Wallace, Wayne

Wallerstein, Morton

Walter, Robert


Wampler, William


Ward, David

Ward, Doug

Ward, Edwin

Warlick, Conrad

Warner, John

Warner, Pop

Warren, Anne L.

Warren, Morris

Warren, Rice

Warwick, Linwood

Warwick, Martha Mann (Rebecca)

Warwick, Sr., John Hughes

Wasem, Bruce


Washington, George

Washington, Henry

Washington, Susie


Waterman, Elizabeth "Bootsie"

Watson, Dr

Watson, Dr Thomas

Watson, Duffel

Watson, Mrs. Tom

Watson, Thomas Leonard


Watts, Burley

Watts, Dr

Watts, Dr.

Watts, John

Watts, Stephen

Watts, Stephen (Burley)

Watts, Steve

Watts, Steven Hurt

Waynesboro, William

Weaver, Emily

Weaver, Jean

Weaver, Jeanne

Weaver, Mrs.

Weaver, Ozwald

Weaver, William


Webb, Percy

Webb, Professor

Webb, Robert

Webber, Frederick Palmer

Webber, Palmer

Weddell, Alexander


Weedon, Bill

Weedon, George

Weedon, William Stone

Weiker, Lowell



Wells, Eddie

Wells, Fontaine

Wells, Marshall

Wells, Roy

Welsh, George

Wern, Dr.

Wertenbaked, Charles Poindexter

Wertenbaker, Charlie

Wertenbaker, Christian

Wertenbaker, Crash

Wertenbaker, George

Wertenbaker, III, Thomas Jefferson

Wertenbaker, John

Wertenbaker, Middleton

Wertenbaker, T J (Father Time)

Wertenbaker, T. J.

Wertenbaker, Thomas Jefferson

Wertenbaker, Tom

Wertenbaker, William

Wertheim, Dr

Wess, Dr.

West, Jerry

West, Jim

Wetstone, Sue

Wheat, Mrs.

Wheatley, Stuart

Wheeler-Bennett, Ruth Risher


White, Carolyn

White, Dr

White, Ed

White, Francis

White, G

White, Judge

White, Leonard

White, Mr

White, Mrs. William

White, O E

White, O. E

White, Orlin

White, Orville

White, Prudence

White, Stanford

White, William

Whitebread, Charlie

Whitehall, Walter


Whitehead, Alfred North

Whitehead, Dexter

Whitehead, Dr

Whitney, Mary

Whyburn, Gordon

Whyburn, Lucille

Wibble, Fred

Wilde, Oscar

Wilder, Douglas

Wiley, Evelyn

Wiley, John

Wiley, John Cook

Wiley, Keith

Wiley, Mabel

Wiley, Sam

Wiley, William

Wilkenson, J Harry

Wilkerson, Charles

Wilkie, Wendell

Wilkinson, Harvie

Wilkinson, III, J. Harvey

Wilkinson, J. Harvie

Wilkinson, Sandra

Wilkinson, Tishe

Willey, Ed


Williams, (Billy)

Williams, Al

Williams, Alan

Williams, Bruce

Williams, D. Alan

Williams, D. Allen

Williams, Edgar

Williams, Francis Jean

Williams, Gordon

Williams, Gray

Williams, III, John W.

Williams, John

Williams, Jr., John W.

Williams, Kate Douglas

Williams, Langbourne

Williams, Lewis

Williams, Louis

Williams, Maria

Williams, Mr

Williams, Murat W. (Murat Willis)

Williams, Peyton R.

Williams, Stephan

Williams, Tiffany

Willier, Frank

Willis, Clayton

Willis, Lucille

Wilson Fellowships, Woodrow


Wilson, Alida

Wilson, Bob

Wilson, Dave

Wilson, David C. (David Cole)

Wilson, Dean

Wilson, Dickie

Wilson, Dr

Wilson, Dr.

Wilson, Elizabeth

Wilson, James Southall

Wilson, John

Wilson, Julia

Wilson, Julia Tyler

Wilson, Lester

Wilson, Lila

Wilson, Mary Frances

Wilson, Molly

Wilson, Mrs. Woodrow

Wilson, President Woodrow

Wilson, Richard

Wilson, Richard (Dickie)

Wilson, Richard H (Dickie)

Wilson, Richard H. (Dickie)

Wilson, Will

Wilson, William

Wilson, Woodrow

Winchell, Dr. A. N.

Windes, Mr

Wine, Margaret Lee

Winfield, Bob

Winfrey, Oprah

Wingfield, Miss

WInn, Bud

Winn, Sarah

Winston, Howard

Wise, John Dana

Wister, Owen

Witter, Henry Massey

Wolfson, John

Woltz, Charlie

Wood, Aurelia

Wood, Bill

Wood, Billy

Wood, Dave

Wood, David

Wood, Doug

Wood, Edwin

Wood, Glenn

Wood, J.B. and J.H.

Wood, Joe (Little Joey)

Wood, Lloyd

Wood, Mr.

Wood, Newt

Wood, Warren

Wood, Wendell

Woodard, Prince

Woods, Capt.

Woodson, Margaret

Woodson, Robert

Woodward, C. Vann (Comer Vann)

Woodward, Cash

Woodward, Doris

Woodward, Isaac

Woodward, Miss

Woody, T. Braxton.

Woody, Thaddeus Braxton.


Wormer, Henry

Wormer, Mutt

Wranek, Bill

Wranek, William (Bill)


Wright, Davey

Wright, David McCord

Wright, Esmond

Wright, Harry

Wright, Quincy

Wrinston, Henry

Wroth, Lawrence

Wylie, Edward

Wyllie, John

Wyllie, John Cook

Wynn, Paul

X, Malcolm

Yale, Chester Curve

Yancey, Kemper

Yancy, Ti

Yentis, David

Yo, Francis

Yoe, Frankie

Yoe, John Howe


York, Al

York, Dee

Young, Robert

Young, William

Younger, Edward

Yow, Kay

Yowe, Mrs.

Yowell, Charlotte


Zehmer, Dean

Zehmer, Dr.

Zehmer, George

Zehmer, George Baskerville


Zernoff, Nicholas

Zima, Virginia

Zimmer, Billy

Zimmerman, Charles


Zuk, William


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