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The Thomas Jefferson Papers

Bibliography of Sources on Jefferson and the Hemings Family

Primary Sources

The Balance, and Columbian Repository. (Hudson, N.Y. : Sampson, Chittenden & Croswell, 1801-1807.)
Issue for August 9, 1803 contains an article about the slander trial of Harry Croswell, and mentions Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemings and James Callender.
Call number: AP2 .B25

Cocke, John Hartwell. Papers of John Hartwell Cocke, 1725-1931.
Cocke, a close friend of Jefferson, mentions the Jefferson-Hemings relationship twice in his diaries: 1853 January 26 (in the diary beginning 1852 November 19) and 1859 April 23 (in the diary beginning 1858 March 25).
Call number:MSS 640

Jefferson, Isaac. Memoirs of a Monticello slave, as dictated to Charles Campbell in the 1840's by Isaac, one of Thomas Jefferson's slaves.
Isaac Jefferson's reminiscences include a description of Sally Hemings as being "mighty near white."
Call number:MSS 10547

Jefferson, Thomas. Deed of manumission to James Hemings, 1794 December 24.
Summary:This deed of manumission grants freedom to James Hemings, son of Betty Hemings, and is witnessed by Dabney Carr and John Nicholas.
Call number: MSS 5589

Jefferson, Thomas. Two extracts from Jefferson's farm book, listing slaves, 1795-1796 and 1820 August 1.
Call number: MSS 3946 [1795-1796]
Call number: MSS 7953 [August 1, 1820]

Jefferson, Thomas. Notes on the state of Virginia. (London : Printed for John Stockdale, opposite Burlington-house, Piccadilly, 1787.)
Jefferson discusses the population of Virginia, slavery and slaves as property on pages 137-146, 222-223, 228-240 and 270-273.
Call number:F230.J5102 1995

Jefferson, Thomas. Will and codicil of Thomas Jefferson, 1826 March 16 and March 17.
Jefferson gives freedom, resources, and "last, solemn, and dutiful thanks" to the following slaves: Burwell, John Hemings, Joe Fosset, Madison Hemings, and Eston Hemings.
Call number:MSS 5145

The Recorder. (Richmond, Va. : Printed by Henry Pace and James T. Callender, 1802- )
Issues for July 21, October 20, and November 3, 1802 contain articles by James T. Callender about the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings.
Call number: Newspaper Virginia Richmond

Secondary Sources and Fiction

Secondary Sources and Fiction

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