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Requesting Reproductions

Photocopies | Microfilms | Digital Images | Submit Reproduction Requests


It is possible to request photocopies, microfilm and digital images of Special Collections materials.

Each item to be duplicated must be evaluated by Special Collections staff on the basis of:

  • Physical condition - many items, especially rare books or large architectural drawings, are too fragile to photocopy without endangering the originals.
  • Copyright issues - if the item is a published document, copyright restrictions may apply. If the item is unpublished, copyright may rest in the hands of the author or his heirs.
  • Restrictions set by donors - some manuscript collections have restrictions against photocopying.
  • Physical size - some items, such as maps or architectural drawings, are too large to duplicate

As curators of these priceless materials, we work to safeguard the condition of materials and to respect the wishes and interests of authors and donors. As librarians who want to further scholarship and teaching and want to publicize our collections, we will work with you to find creative ways to reproduce items that may fall into one of the categories above.

If You Would Like Photocopies

For a photocopy request, please fill out our request formTo submit your request, please print the form and submit by fax or mail.  Please be sure to include:

  • Complete call number for the item or complete description of item
  • Your complete postal service mailing address
  • Your complete telephone number with area code
  • Your e-mail address
  • Method of payment such as cash, charge U.Va. account, etc.

Photocopying services are provided through the University's Department of Printing and Copying Services on a prepaid basis. At this time, photocopies cost 25 cents per page plus a $6.00 handling fee and first-class postage for mail orders. See their cost sheet here. We ask that you allow at least ten working days for completion of an order. You cannot pay for photocopies before the copies have been made. Once the copies have been made, Printing Services will invoice you by e-mail for the total amount. Once you pay this amount, the copies will be mailed to you. If you can pick up the copies in person, you should visit Printing and Copying Services, located in the University Bookstore, in order to pay for and pick up your copies. You will not be charged postage or a handling fee if you pick the items up in person. Printing and Copying Services is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can pay Printing and Copying Services by check, cash, VISA, MasterCard, or money order. If you are paying from another country, you can pay by international money order or a check in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank.


You will be billed when your order is complete.

If you have a question involving the status of an order for photocopies, please call our reference desk at (434) 924-3082.

If you would like to request reproductions of large architectural drawings or large maps, you must order digital images through the Digitization Services Request Form. We no longer offer photocopies or blueprints of our oversized items made through Mint Printing or T&N Printing in Charlottesville.

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If You Would Like Microfilm

Duplication of existing microfilmed collections is available on a case-by-case basis.

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Submit a Request for Reproductions

You may submit your request:

  • by using our online reference request form (preferred)
  • by fax to (434) 924-4968
  • by U.S. mail to:

    Small Special Collections Library
    P.O. Box 400110
    University of Virginia
    Charlottesville, Virginia 22904-4110

We regret that we are unable to accept requests over the telephone.

If you have a question involving the status of an order for photocopies or photographs, please call our reference desk at (434) 924-3082. If you have a question involving the status of an order for digital images, please contact digitalservices@virginia.edu.

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